Sunday, 27 January 2019

Dublin, Howth and homeward bound

We departed Belfast after our black cab tour for Dublin, drove to Dunkeld, where we stopped for lunch, I got the opportunity to visit an op shop, farmers market and a couple of shoe shops.
I am still hunting for my red mid calf ankle boots, there are plenty of sales on 50 to 70% off, but all the red boots are higheels, not good for my old nursing feet.
I did manage to buy a burgundy ankle length pair of shoes in Spain, not what I was after as
 I requested mid calf red leather boots and a red leather jacket for my 40th (ruby) wedding anniversary present instead of a ruby ring.
Having difficulty acquiring both, time has passed and it will be a dim memory when I get back to the heat of Australia, that would be the last thing I need, at least until winter.
On arrival into Dublin, we parked the car, walked the short distance to our air B&B on Patrick St, right in the centre of Dublin, got comfortable with this beautiful decore, the boys took the car back to the airport and Cara and I went to an Oxfam op shop and a gorgeous gallery, drool, so want to bring some of the art home.

These little people are the work of an artist called Brigit Beemster, they are pottery and have bamboo legs, the feet that they stand on are also pottery. The other impressive work were the pottery animals.

This rabbit stole my heart,  artist is Ostenilli and Priest, if I had not bought my ice queen, it may have come home with me, dare not tell DH.

When the boys came back from dropping off the car, we all went out to an Irish pub that had traditional food, Irish music and some dancing.
On Saturday went on our exploration of Dublin.

The Temple Bar area, we spent an hour exploring this area, went to a fresh food market, the kids went to the trinity College and did the tour and see the book of Kells, DH and I went to have tea and do a spot of shopping.

The maze at Dublina

Women just talking, note the Arnott s on the bag, not biscuits but the actual name of a clothing store in Dublin.

More bars in Temple Bar, lots of bars and nice shops, not very busy in the morning, but later around lunch time, the place was humming.

Butlers chocolate, DIL, was keen to sample all the chocolates from Ireland, she only likes 
dark chocolate as well, where I prefer the milk or white chocolate.

The Dublina

More bars in Temple Bar

The Olympia Theatre 

Writers street

Cogarty and Joyce I presume, seated   At the
named pub

Whilst the 
kids went to visit The Trinity College and the book of Kells, I volunteered to cook dinner, rabbit was on the menu, two ways, one with a tomato based sauce the other with peas and gravy, cooked the  traditional Maltese  way

As bought from the butcher, good value for €11

Tomato sauce

On Sunday I visited Dublina, the exhibition of Vikings, the boys did the Guinness factory tour and Cara did the Italian quarter, we all then met and caught the DART out to Howth, apparently there is a good market and pubs.

Inside the Dublina at the Viking exhibition 

View from the grand tower

The Viking age

Lovely stained glass windows

More from the Dublina

Today was a cold windy day with a chill factor of-4, it was not a good day to visit a seaside area with the winds, we enjoyed the visit and the meal at Abbey Rd tavern.

Boats and sea

A very scary shark

An old graveyard in Howth

View from the grand tower

More sculptures around Dublin.

Dublin  sculptures

Shark cafe in Howth
Well Dublin it has been great, for tomorrow we start our journey home. We fly to Paris from Dublin to catch our flight home, it has been a wonderful and cultural 7 weeks travelling, Europe and the UK, visiting friends and travelling with our kids, until next time,  for now it is time to go home, recharge our batteries for our trip to South Africa in May..

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