Sunday, 28 September 2014

Busy entering garden competitions and planning holidays

Seeing DH worked so hard in the garden preparing for our quilt show that we held in early September, I thought it was a great idea to enter the annual Hawkesbury Garden Competition. We have entered this event a few years ago and 3 years running,  we have won a prize, then with restructuring , losing some of our pine trees, lack of water, we became disillusioned and  not entered the competition since, but on a whim I entered again this year, much to the dismay of DH. The results will be revealed on the 16th October, we will see......

Some photos of our garden.

Gazebo area.

Our back yard.

Heathton Manor's verandah room. Bright sunny day.

After our quilt show we took the opportunity to seal our entertainment area, my oh my I have not seen it empty since finishing the construction in 2005. Very pleased with the result.

After all our hard work it is time for me to get back to some sewing, with work and preparations for our quilt show, entering garden competitions, I have had so little time, as always I have a few things on the go. 
The good thing about having stalls at a fund raising event is to rid yourself of unwanted fabrics, items and frustrating UFO' s, pass them onto some one else to finish. I am pleased to report that 3 of my unfinished quilts that had stitchery's incorporated into them have been sold, so now down to 5 WIP from  8.
Red and white is beckoning, next year for the  NSW Quilting guild is having a red and white challenge, a quilt in red and white, something that I have wanted to do for awhile, but can I keep,it small.... That will be my challenge, should I choose to accept.

Plans have been finalised for our trip to Houston, last time I went to Houston was in 2010 and was so overwhelmed and not sure if anything that I saw was absorbed. So with these few days that I have to spend at the show will be done at a leisurely pace. DH will do his own thing and I will be left to take my time, this year Houston is celebrating it's 40th year, so should be an extra special event.

We have also finalised plans for the Tokyo Quilt festival in 2015, need to get some thermals...This time DH will be in his element because he will have 3 women to boss around. We are staying at The Tokyo Dome  hotel, whilst the quilt show is on, after the show we will then get the amazing bullet train around Japan. Of course my challenge with Chris Jurd will be to visit every Yuzawaya store in each province, these stores are amazing with Yuwa fabric at $10 a metre, how can you go wrong. DH will have the delightful company of my sister who does not quilt, but is a fantastic travel companion. I visited the Yokoharma Quilt festival in Nov 2013, a little cool, not cold, in January it will be cold and snow, looking forward to seeing Japan in winter.

Next on our agenda is Nantes France, DH won out on this one, I would have liked to have gone to 
Paducah in April for the quilt festival, but he is all USA'd out so what could I say, as long as our trip incorporates the Nantes, Quiltmania's Pour L'Amour du Fil quilt show, I am happy to go, we will spend the first few days in Nantes, travel back to Paris by train and spend a few days there, travel to Dijon and possible pick up a car, oh the thought!!!!!, hopefully meet up with friends that will also be in France whilst we are there, 3 weeks in all travelling France, then to London with a trip to Wales to catch up with some friends, still in the planning stage, holidays have been confirmed so all we need to do is finalise plans for our trip, hard to keep track of dates etc, when we have 3 trips planned at once, I am up for the challenge, my bucket list is slowly dwindling, so excited!

2016 Paducah I will be there!, with or without DH. Cheers!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Quilts on the Downs amazing weekend

Two days post Quilts on the Downs, energy slowly returning, monies and costs counted, and we are pleased to announce that $1,500 was raised for Staffy Rescue. The weekend arrived with rain most of Saturday and Sunday we had some sunshine until lunchtime and then more rain. We were fortunate to have everything under cover except my quilts, which did not fare any worse for wear having rain on them. All in all we had just under 200 visitors over the weekend to Quilts on the Downs, held  at Heathton Manor in Windsor Downs. On display was just over 100 quilts from our talented quilters in Windsor Downs. Everyone that visited showered us with positive comments and was amazed that the quilt show was held in a private residence. It was great to see that we had repeat visitors on both days. Food was plentiful and compliments given were encouraging. We catered for a large number, so all food that was left over did not go to waste and was donated to the Hawkesbury Community Kitchen. Our stall holders were of high quality and everyone had fun with retail therapy and got some great bargains. Entertainment was plentiful in our gourmet kitchen by my youngest son, Alex. Chris Jurd's wonderful collection of 20 quilts on display and patterns available for purchase was a great opportunity for perusing, as well as having Chris as a captive audience. Marg Low caught up with many customers and students, having ready made kits and patterns available for purchase, samples to look at and being able to chat with Marg was well received by our visitors. 
A great weekend was had by all and I feel was well worth the effort for our furry friends.

Before the quilts were hung in our indoor entertainment area, a blank canvas.!
Gazebo's set up, ready for our trade table to come alive with goodies for sale.
Glaming up our trees at our entry.
2nd row of quilts hung and don't they look great.

After some heated discussion with DH! Quilts are hung from the rafters.
Heathton Manor's outdoor entertainment area was transformed into.....
 the Chris Jurd eating gallery, 14 quilts to view, whilst enjoying some home baked goodies.

Even our indoor pool area got glammed up with quilts.
3rd row of quilts hung!

Some of our wonderful stall holders, Viv's and Virginias stalls with their quilts on display from behind.
Chris Jurds, lots of dots quilt  and her display table where all Chris quilt patterns could be purchased.

Marg Low's trade table, with Sarah's sampler quilt, pattern available.
Rosemary Berry one of Windsor Downs talented quilters had a private exhibition and display of her, crazy patchwork, stump work and embroidery.

Shane's Patchwork Addiction trade table, gorgeous Christmas panels could be purchased from her table, if you missed out take a visit to Shane's shop in South Windsor.
More quilts from Chris Jurd in Heathton Manor's eating gallery.

A collection of miniature quilts on display in the entry area to Quilts on the Downs.
Some of my quilts enjoying the rain, I am known for making large quilts so wire had to be hung 3 metres of the ground. Lots of comments about My Lucy Boston!
More of my quilts, the white whole cloth was bought from Vietnam and is hand quilted, a venture set up by an Australian girl to employ women in isolated villages in Vietnam,

The front of Heathton Manor was glammed up with more quilts from the Chris Jurd collection.
Heathton Creations trade table, set up and ready to go!
Viv and Virginias tables.

Aster and her amazing collection of linen.
More quilts of Chris Jurds.
Home baked goodies for sale.
Visitors enjoying some treats.
A debrief, with cheese wine and bickies after the close of day 1.

On a lighter note, this is what one is faced with when you hire family.
My youngest, Alex delighted the ladies with his apron as well.
Carol who won the raffle quilt, kindly donated by Chris Jurd, was delighted with her win, Carol does not quilt but is a quilt appreciator and visited Quilts on the Downs on Saturday with her sister Debi, who is a student of Chris Jurd, a special thank you to Carol who also donated $ 50 to Staffy Rescue.
Other prize winners were......
Denise Roughley from Cambridge Park won the quilt kit donated by Heathton Creations.

Dawn Case from Wilberforce won the Ottlight, donated by Heathton Creations.

Viewers choice prize was donated by, Viv heritage collection...a vintage quilt kit set, Marg Low...patterns and button kit, Patchwork Fundamentals pattern... Graces Quilt, thank you all for your donations, such generosity.

The winner of viewers Choice was : Sandra Cain's "A Girls Day Out"

With the closure of Quilts on the Downs on Sunday, all quilts were pulled down in less than an hour.
A very special thank you to my family, friends and quilters from Windsor Downs and all those that visited and made the weekend a success.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

3 days and counting to Quilts on the Downs

It is all go at Heathton Manor, quilts delivered, room cleared for hanging of our quilts. seating and eating area has been set up. When you visit, take the time to indulge in our yummy treats. Stall areas and gazebo set up and some glaming on our street, has occurred.  My wonderful sister has been busy in the kitchen, doing prep work. Only 3 days to go, so come and support a very needy charity, as well as viewing our wonderful quilts from the talented Windsor Downs quilters.

Our entertainment area cleaned and cleared for display of our quilts.

Gazebo set up, ready for our wares to be displayed and sold.

My darling sister, busy in the kitchen.

Glaming up our street.
Enjoy our treats in our family orientated area.
Say hello, when you vist!