Monday, 17 December 2018

Colmar, France

On Sunday, the kids, DH and myself, jumped on a train for the short ride back to Colmar.
A very good decision by the DIL, Colmar Xmas markets were amazing and we had a wonderful day exploring and visiting the 7 markets on offer, my favourite was the artisans market, the talent of the people exhibiting was brilliant.
 Colmar is located in the Grand EST region of northeastern France, near the border with Germany, the town has cobblestones streets lined with half-timbered medieval and early renaissance buildings.
We visited the gothic 13th century, Eglise Saint Martin church.

My favourite was the ginger bread houses.

Beautiful icing, amazed by the creativity.

Colmar was a very charming town.

Carousel bar

Xmas decorations for sale

Medieval houses

Xmas decorations 

Cara and I in little Venice, Colmar

Our last meal in Strasbourg, a little French and German mix, pork knuckle and sausage with apple strudel and creme brûlée.

Colmar train station, adios!

Enjoying the beer and mulled wine.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Strasbourg, France.

After Basel we caught our train back to France and onto Strasbourg for the Xmas markets, they have been rated one of the best in Europe. The ride was less than 1 hour and two tram stops to our accomodation. Due to the shooting in Strasbourg, 4 days ago, at the Xmas markets, we could not get of at our designated stop,
We got of the tram at the first available stop, then had to go through security checks to get into the main part of town where the markets and our accomodation is located.
Our suitcases were checked then we head of to our air B&B, a good location in the heart of the markets. We dropped of the bags then off to explore all that Strasbourg has to offer.
First stop was lunch to sample the local dish, flammkucken, also known as a tarte flambé, it is a thin pizza base with creme freiche, onion and slices of cheese.

We of course had more mulled wine, I must say there has not been too many decorations that attract me, very hard not to convert back to our dollar and feel, I can get that cheaper at home, all the stuff is so repetitive, looking for the unusual. 
Strasbourg has the largest Xmas tree, over 30mtrs tall, 7 ton and a 12mtr span

The kids enjoying the ice rink.

 After an enjoyable evening at the markets, we retired back to our accomodation, the next morning we woke to snow, much to the kids delight.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Basel, Switzerland

After our two hectic days in Lyon we travelled by train to Basel, Switzerland, which took 2 1/2hours by train. On arrival to Basel we caught two trams
to our air B &B accomodation, met our lovely host Dianna and her family, then off to explore the city and do the Xmas markets.
Basel has been voted the 8th best Xmas markets.
The markets were great to visit, Cara and I had mulled wine and explored the markets, no purchase made, as there was nothing special that appealed to me.
What we all noticed was how expensive everything was from food to the mulled wine.
It was very cold -2degrees, my fingers were frozen, after the markets we had dinner and set off back to our accomodation.

The next morning after a delicious breakfast we caught the tram into town to do many of the city walks on offer, we walked along the river and got the punt across to visit the Munster Cathedral.

Munster Cathedral 

The town hall and the trams that we catch.

 Some of the things on offer to purchase

Looks very pretty at night.
Over all we loved visiting Basel, but felt that it is a very expensive city .

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Lyon, our second day.

A very cold 2 degrees today, thank goodness for the thermals, even though I had gloves on, my hands were freezing.
Today we explored the old quarter, in Lyon, visited the Baptist church which is being restored and then we made our way up to Notre Dame.
We all rode the venicular up to the top to visit this amazing church which is all mosaic, even the floors. I will post some photos.
After our visit we explored the boutique shops and visited the Michelin stars restaurant in the old quarter.
After we had a three course lunch, Alex decided to take us on a long and arduous walk with many steps to climb, so that we can visit an old convent and the textile district, at least this is what he proposed to do for me.....but wait he did not read it right,
after our long hike, he finally confessed that the La Croix’iouse area used to be in the old days a silk trade area. We did manage to stumble across a fantastic mural on the side of a building, well worth the hike.
As it was very cold, Cara and I decided to opt out, go home and let the boys visit the miniature museum.
Tonight for dinner we will try tartin.
We are all enjoying the baguettes and pastries on offer.