Saturday, 11 January 2014

Farewell Hong Kong, time to return to reality.

After our arduous day on Macau, going from the old city to the new city and when dropped off by our minibus driver, to go back to Kwooloon,  we were dropped at the wrong ferry terminal and then had to catch a bus to go to the temporary terminal as the one that usually departs from that terminal was having renovations done? we all felt quite pleased with ourselves at getting to the pier before  the 9.30 pm departure at 8.30 pm, so caught the earlier ferry at 8.30 pm, little did we realise that we had taken the wrong ferry to the Hong Kong side, two trains later, we finally arrived back at the hotel at 1130 pm at night, a very big day was had by all. 
Overlooking Macau from the museum and ruins of St Paul's 
Tourist streets in the old prtuggeous section of Macau
The MGM Grand Hotel
The dome ceiling in the Venetian Hotel
And of course the famous canal, that is a feature in all The Venetian Hotels.

Friday we all ventured out to the Cable Car ride to go up to the top of the mountain to a fishing village and see the large Buddah.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw this sign!!!! Not to be .... Was only a toy store.
The cable car ride.

The gates to the great Buddah at the top of cable car ride.

There were six of these facing the big Buddah.
The kids lighting incense for their new year wish.

The large Buddah and steps leading up to.
After catching the cable car back down we ventured to the Hong Kong shopping area! had Peking goose for lunch before hitting the shops and markets.
After lunch we also visited the Yuen Puen bird market.

After shopping we walked to the Avenue of the stars to see the light show that is on every night at 8 pm, 

This is the only recognisable star for me.
Saturday was our seafood day, we caught the ferry to Lamma Island, when we were in HOng Kong 12 years ago we had fond memories of a seafood lunch consisting of chili crab, so we were all keen to try another dish, we pewee not disappointed, amazing the place is nearly almost the same as 12 years ago.

Our ferry ride and Lamma Island.
The restaurant strip.

So this concludes our Asian adventure, a great time with the family was had by all, Sunday is airport day and return home early Monday morning.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Goodbye Chiang Mai , hello Bangkok, Hong Kong and Macau

What a whirlwind week since my last post, our last evening meal in Chiang Mai was frought with me vomitting after dining out at a great little restaurant called " Cooking Love", let me say that this restaurant was not the cause of my illness, I was feeling unwell all day, I think it was from breakfast at our hotel. Where I was sampling all the menu they had to offer over the week, and chose to have noodles with BBQ pork. By 11am at fishing, I was feeling quite queasy in the stomach and did not feel well all day, chose not to eat until we went to dinner, had a few mouthfuls and was sick, so very disappointed, as this restaurant was to be one of the highlights of Chiang Mai. This restaurant is very popular and have to book a few days ahead to eat there, Cooking love is very popular, and only seats 15 at a time. Saturday our last day in Chiang Mai was taken easy, thank god for over the counter medicine in Asia and being able to self medicate.
Last visit to temples in Chiang Mai.

After the markets on Saturday night in Chiang Mai, we stumbled upon a gold and silver temple in one of the back streets of Chiang Mai.
Sunday saw us all packing, to fly to Bangkok, these two days spent in Bangkok wasm rest and relaxation, minimal eating and try and recover. No sightseeing, as this is my fourth trip to Bangkok and have done all the main tourist attractions before. The view from our 25th floor.
On the plane I got some sewing done and at the moment are trying to put together the one inch squares to join my Lucy Boston together.

My one inch squares, on the way, I think I only need 2,000 squares.

On arrival and after check in at Our hotel we all walked down to Pantip Plaza to buy some DVD's and have a look around, disappointed to find our popular stall had closed down. Lunch was at a Muslim restaurant. Monday shopping at MBK store and return to hotel for a few rounds of golf and cards.
Tuesday we left Bangkok and flew to Hong Kong, arrived at 2 pm and checked into hotel. Later walked down to Nathan Rd and the temple markets, dinner at a local seafood restaurant. 
Wednesday, had a great day at Disneyland with the kids and we had a wonderful day, lovely to catch some rides and chill out, even more fun to have the kids to go on rides with as DH is always the bag holder and does not like the rides with any sort of motion.

Hello Hong Kong. DH on the Disney express to a day of excitement.

The family, about to enter Disneyland.

Alex with the plastic paratroopers, Andy's toys!

The parachute ride with the kids, no sudden drops and was quite a pleasant ride.

The RC ride, Alex and Cara went on this ride twice! I opted to have my feet firmly planted on the ground for this one.
We all stayed for the fireworks at 8 pm, closing, then caught the MTR back to hotel, what a great rail system in Hong Kong.

Thursday over to Macau for the day to visit the old area and then onto the newer areas where the Casino's are housed. We caught the Coatai line of ferries and it took 45 minutes. on arrival to Macau we were greeted by a tourist company with a minibus! who took us all over Macau, our first stop was the ruins of St. Paul, museum and a walk down the famous portegeous streets and sampled the local egg custard tarts. 
The steps of St. Paul's ruins! reminds me a little of the Spanish steps in Rome.

Lady Fatima statue

We ventured to the top of the Observation tower to observe the views over Macau and people Bungay jumping from the tower. Height: 338 metres and the Bungy jump is 200 mtrs, just love the sign.

Visited the MGM grand hotel and as always an amazing centerpiece in the lobby.

Would I recommend Macau, No, maybe a quick visit but once done, never to visit again, mainly catering for gamblers and the very wealthy, give me Las Vegas any day. 
Goodbye Macau. The Grand Lisboa hotel.

Friday, 3 January 2014

More of Chiang Mai adventure.

New Year's Day saw us visiting the local park where we fed the fish and ducks, walked around a few of the shops and then had lunch at 3 SIS, then back to hotel to have a game of cards, waiting for our massage at 3 pm. Not sure why I  get a Thai massage when I come to Thailand you usually end up being more sore than when you started, so!!! off to have a few mojito's to dull the pain. Later that night we ventured out of the old city into the new city to have dinner along the waterfront. the restaurant we chose was The Gallery, great food, but service very poor.

One of the may temples in Chiang Mai.

One of the local gardens we visited.

The 2nd of Jan 2014, Alex and Cara went to "Flight of the gibbon" for the day and we organised a private toor to the Hill Tribes, Large temple on the mountain and the elephant camp. That evening we went to dinner at Whole Earth, highly recommended by locals and we were not disappointed. After dinner into the night Brazzar to do a bit more shopping.
Buddha Mountain

The hill tribes, Baan Tong Luang

Photo opportunity with a Yao mien lady

The long necks, interesting conversation with this lady about the neck rings, they are never removed and are quite heavy.

After the Hill tribe visit we went to the elephant camp, there are over 71 elephants at this camp and all are sponsored, we got to see the baby elephant at 3 months of age.

The 3 month old baby elephant.
Breast feeding.
3 rd Jan 2014, we are going fishing!
Our family fishing day, Alex helping Cara to reel in the big one! everyone caught 3 fish each, a great day was had by all.
Cara's catch. ? 15- 20 kgs. 
Alex's catch, he was the hero off the day, letting everyone use his t-shirt to hold the fish for photo's.
Nigel's catch, well done boy!

Kiss the fish! fun with Sam from Canada

Great catch DH!