Sunday, 12 November 2017

Quilt tour highlights, peek look at goodies bought.

I thought that I would share a few favourite photos and what goodies made it home with me, here I am thinking that I was good, but after unpacking it appears that I was not, but fun was had!
Some great fabric, moda, Tokyo milk etc
I picked up this yard of Henry Miller fabric, circa 2002 from an antique shop.
More goodies, cotton and Steel, charm packs, Milfore and Cardinal fabric.
Kaffe also made it home with me.
A little bit of Amish that I could not resist, a log cabin pattern will happen here.
Some echino and reproduction fabric.
Wool, sloth and owls
Tula Pink new fabric line, "Spirit animals had to show up, also some mesh fabric for bags.
Flannel and bunny fabric from Denmark, also some cork to make bags.
Frida also had to make an appearance, with some Frida fabric all the way from Brazil.
Other bits and pieces.
I might add, there was no excess luggage, DH suitcase on departure from Australia was 11kg due to having an extra bag inside and mine was 10kg. 
 On return home, a different story, mine was just under 23kg and DH was also about that with 7 kg in extra case. 
Our allowance was two suitcases each, but we managed again to get away with what is our standard, one each with an extra duffel bag. 
DH always worries about excess luggage, never happens, because we pack light before we leave for our trip.
This was just one of the many quilt shops in Hamilton, owned by Missouri Star.
On this trip we visited Kansas City, Cameron, Hamilton, Chillicothe, Indendence, St Joseph, Kokomo, St Louis, Shipshewana, Chicago and Houston. This tour has added to our states that we have covered in the USA, over 42 states, only eight to go!
Until our next adventure, keep safe.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

La Grange, Texas Quilt Museum and The Astros win!

Thursday and Friday was quilt show and shopping, on Saturday, a good part of the group went on a two hour drive to La Grange. The reason for going to La Grange was to visit the Texas quilt museum.

On arrival into La Grange we got to explore the town, whilst the first group visited the museum, there were a lot of shops surrounded by a town square. I scoured the antique shops hoping to find a vintage quilt, that might have been able to come home with me, no quilts but a few other goodies travelled back to Australia with me.
La Grange
Murals painted on the side of the building.
DH viewing the quilts on display.

We were lucky enough to visit the museum, when they had a Susan Shie exhibition. I have seen photos of Susan's quilts in magazines but to see them in real life was wonderful. Susan is legally blind and all her quilts are air brushed and very political.
Susan wants her quilts to be photographed, so her message is sent out to the world.

I get the feeling that she liked Obama, but not Hilary.

The museum also has a lovely garden at the side.
After our visit and lunch we made our way back to the hotel and a group dinner, Italian themed was planned for our meal, our last night, for tomorrow we fly home.

Being in Houston, when their baseball team wins their first game ever, was not fun. When
 trying to get back to the hotel after  walking around the quilt show for 7 hours, I decided to catch a cab back to the hotel, not a good idea in hindsight. 1 1/2 hours later and $32 of going no where, I got out of the cab and still had to walk the 10 blocks back to the hotel. Not happy Jan......

There was a parade at 2pm and most of the streets were closed and traffic was chaos, not fun.
Astro supporters, even the kids got a day off school.
Good on them for winning, but I would have preferred not to be anywhere near the crowds.

This concludes our great quilting tour.

DH held his own with 37 other mad quilters, entertained the women and still had a smile on his face. 
I feel blessed to have shared this experience with him, but I have also promised  him, no more international quilt shows, as my bucket list has been filled.

Until our next adventure, adios!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Houston we have landed.

The next morning we all travelled to the Chicago O'Hare airport to fly to Houston the flight took 3 hours, it was quite amusing too see how much luggage was accumulated by the group, by this time most of the group had 2-3 suitcases,  barr a few, excess luggage may have to be paid before our flight.
We arrived into our hotel just after 4 pm, had lunch settled in and had a little rest before we all walked to the George R Brown convention centre for preview night. 
This being my third visit to Houston it was the first time that I had been to preview night, here was myself thinking we will get to see quilts etc, but I did not expect all the booths to be opened and we could spend money, such a shame that I left my money back at the hotel and DH was no where in sight. 
A silent little plea to self, I will be good and not spend anything, but after spotting DH, money acquired and a few purchases made, so much for will power.
It was all go.
This actually bought a smile to my face, great head gear.
Some fancy wind charms made and hung just before entry to the quilt exhibition.
As you can imagine there are a lot of quilts on display, so I have photographed the winners and put up a few of my favourites as well.
This quilt won the grand prize of $12,500.
A lot of winners from Japan, this quilt won the Founders award $7,500
Another Japan winner, World of Beauty award $7,500, the detail in this quilt was very detailed and quite amazing.
Australian quilt artist Helen Godden won third place.
Helen's other entry was of her daughter, I love the assemetry of this quilt.
Another Australian winner was Linda Couch for her miniature.
There was also another couple of Australian winners, but I did not get to see their quilts.
This is Judith Ross from Christchurch in NZ, who had the pleasure of having her quilt accepted to be hung at the Houston show, all made of silk. Judith was part of our tour group.
The many quilts hanging, were a lot of art quilts with some modern and pieced works.
I thought this was very clever.

Being a nurse, great quilt of a heart, clever as well.
This was a Van Gogh challenge, amazing works.
Dear Jane in white, yellow and gray, first quilt made by Christine, I had the pleasure to talk to her, this quilt did not take her long to make, great work for a first time quilter.
Frida small quilt 
Hilary Clinton
I absolutely adored this quilt, the eyes have it and reminded me of our girl at home.
There was a Frida doll challenge, much to my delight.
Great work.
Frida mermaid.
This quilt also impressed me.
These are a few of my favourite pieced quilts.

Log cabin, so many different variations.
Interesting quilt.

Also interesting dressed people, they were happy to pose for photo, I saw them the next day and they had different 1920's gear on.
Jesters, happy to pose
This concludes my quilt show visit, I have been fortunate to visit Houston Quilt Festival three times now and I feel that it is one of best shows and the largest display of quilts. I had two days at the festival and really did not get to see everything, but was very happy with what I did see.
Will return soon with news of our visit to La Grange and the Texas Quilt museum.