Monday, 8 July 2013

"The Grounds"

Saturday saw another day out with the "kids", this time we went into "Alexandria" to visit the grounds. Located in the grounds is a collective interest of gourmet deli's and shops, Being there on a Saturday meant that we could also visit the gourmet markets offering a selection of fresh produce, delectable desserts, meats and cheeses. There was also stalls with scented candles, collection of vintage goods and stationary. On our arrival we booked into the very popular café, it is advisable to do this as there is usually a long wait to be seated. We waited 1 1/2 hours, but the food was worth the wait. We took the opportunity to visit the deli, called Salt, meat and cheese. My god we all died and went to heaven, the selection of gourmet cheeses and salami's as well as the salt selection was awesome. I purchased truffle pecorino, Roche forte cheese, white truffle salt, apple wood and pink Himalayan salt, as well as two different salami's. We finally sat down to eat at 1130hrs and enjoyed what was served.

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