Monday, 22 July 2013


We welcomed our new puppy Xena, in January this year, after losing our darling Jules, who was an American staffy and the biggest sook, whom we loved dearly. Jules was only 10 years old when she succumbed to cancer and died in november 2012. Jules had such an impact on our lives and was very much a treasured member of our family, when she died we were left with a huge hole in our hearts and lives that my hubby and I only lasted 3 months, before we adopted another dog. We were both finding it hard to adjust with out a dog in our family and missed  the greeting on our arrival at home and the unconditional love that having a family pet generates, as well as  a pleasant diversion from our normal routine. With our new family member, I feel that my hubby and I also forgot what hard work it is by having a new puppy. After having such a well behaved dog to a boisterous puppy was a huge shock to the system. Xena is now 11 months old and improving in her behaviour each day, She was a pound puppy and was 4 1/2 months old when we adopted her. Her breed is a staffy cross, possibly with a lab, as she does have a ferocious appetite. She still continues to jump at people, when greeting them and is still chewing shoes. But overall with training is getting better each day in her overall  behaviour. She is a typical staffy with wanting to be close and loves to cuddle up and is very spoilt as well. When posting, I have learnt to save my work as she loves to put her paws on the keyboard and I have often lost my data.
Xena at 5 months old, a bit scrawny and only 6 kgs.
Xena at 11 months old, very spoilt, 24 kgs.
Xena loves to come and have cuddles in the morning.

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