Monday, 15 July 2013

A heart quilt

Recently I had a friends 50th birthday, and as she teaches patchwork and is a great sewer herself, I was pondering what to make for her. I decided to do a number of little hearts and incorporate different techniques and make them into a little quilt. I used a number of buttons to embellish, did a wild hibiscus rose in stump work and placed it in the centre of the quilt. I used satin, quilting and sandcastle  fabric as well. I also hand embroidered  some saying's and words of wisdom on the sides of the quilt. One heart had multiple French knots and with the use of ribbons, lace and trinkets. Another heart I foundation pieced,  it all came together nicely, and overall I was quite pleased with the result.

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  1. Hi heather. Love the quiltet for Christine!
    We've been to The Grounds recently and only waited 40mins.
    Lucky the food was so good after parking a km away and it was pouring with rain while we were waiting. We weren't too happy with the wait but the food and the decor were 1st rate.