Monday, 1 July 2013

Gourmet Wednesday

After a very busy 5 days at work, it is time for a few days of rest, relaxation and socialising with family friends and pets. Work can be rewarding and demanding at the same time and life sometimes can be hard to get an even balance, so each day must be treasured and lived to the maximum. My puppy Xena is snuggling close and hubby also needs some attention, so my days spent at home will provide some comfort to them and myself. The best thing about having days off and every Wednesday is family night, aptly named "Gourmet Wednesday" by my next door neighbour. These nights are very important to me and my husband, because it is the one night of the week guaranteed to see our grown children and partners. The one delight in our life is our son's and their partners, whom we love dearly as they are an extension of our son's. When we are all together as a family, there are fun times and open honesty, no one holds back if something needs to be said.

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