Saturday, 27 July 2013

Marysville and Black Saturday

With the recent arrival of the new royal baby, from the news bulletins, I have noticed that a number of references have been made about Prince William and when he visited Australia, especially after the Black Saturday fires and how compassionate he was at the time and  likened to his mother who also demonstrated  genuine compassion.  The Black Saturday fires occurred Feb 7th 2009, and devastated nearly all of the Yarra ranges National parks and into the Dandenong's in Victoria. The townships of Marysville, Buxton, Taggerty and Narbethong were totally wiped out, other towns were also affected as well. The reason for mentioning this is that I was fortunate enough to visit Marysville on my 30th wedding anniversary in December 2008. A friend in Perth sent me some gorgeous photo's of this magical garden in Marysville with the most amazing sculptures, set amongst the back drop of a natural wonderland and it was the work of one man " Bruno". As my hubby and I always do something special for our anniversary, I was insistent that we visit Marysville and now in hindsight, we were very fortunate to have visited, and the surrounding area's before it was devastated by the Black Saturday fires. We spent a wonderful three days touring Healesville, Narbethong, Taggerty and Buxton. Marysville is a 90 minute drive from Melbourne and I recommend that you visit. Since the Black Saturday fires, Bruno's new Gallery has been built and opened in November 2011. He is still rebuilding the gardens. Visit the link. 

What also reminded me of Bruno's art garden, is this image above. This is one of my most favourite sculptures from Bruno's garden. Last week I was having lunch with my friend Sandy and after dining we went shopping.. as you do!. In Windsor a small historical town where we both live, has some very quaint shops, we stumbled across a boutique that was having a sale and had reduced some great clothes. I purchased 2 dresses to wear with tights and Sandy bought about 5 outfits for the cost of one. What Sandy bought that I was very jealous of was  a jacket with the above image all over the back of the jacket, we had a little dispute over the jacket, I lost because it looked so much better on her as well, than me and she also saw it first. That is the best thing about our friendship as well, there is no hard feelings, when either of us lose, we both just move onto the next item, as we both have similar tastes and like the same things, this is a regular occurrence.

Entry to Bruno's Art Sculpture Garden

One of the sculptures in the front garden in a café ... Marysville..

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