Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Tokyo Quilt Festival 2015

Wednesday the  21st Jan 2015, saw the four of us board a plane with Japan Airlines, for our flight to Tokyo for the international Quilt festival 2015. DH has company this time with my sister in tow as well as an amazing quilter and good friend, Chris Jurd. DH will be sight seeing with my sister for two days, whilst Chris and I attend the quilt festival. Goodbye 38 degrees heat and hello with a winters blast of two degrees in Tokyo. Our flight was 9 hours and  I Was very productive and sewed quite a few diamonds together, on the other hand with Chris stating "she is on holidays, chose to read a book instead of sewing.

My stars.
Thursday, first day of quilt show at Tokyo dome, raining and cold, did not open until 11am, people were starting to line up at 9am, ticket office did not open until 1030am, would have been OK if for not the rain.

The line up of people waiting to enter, the quilt show will cater to a total of 30,000 to 50,000 visitors a day.
Me bracing the weather before entering.
Chris in line, waiting for the ticket office to open.
This years theme was Little house on the Pairie, below a replica of the cottage used by Laura Ingalls, note the crowds.

Even the wagon was a patchwork quilt, with fabric grass, apples and prairie dogs.

Laura Ingalls sewing equipment.

Below is some of the amazing quilts, that caught my attention.
Difficult to identify who made these gorgeous quilts, all in Japanese.
All the birds on this quilt was embroided.

Gorgeous red and white quilt.
Another red and white quilt, a gift made for a 60th.

An overview of the quilt show.
Bye for now.


  1. We're we at the same quilt show! Great fun with all my travel companions.

  2. There are some amazing quilts on show thank you for the photos

  3. Thanks for your photos ! Wonderful Festival of Quilts