Thursday, 29 January 2015

Osaka, Universal Studios and Sendai

Wednesday we left Kyoto to travel to Osaka for Universal studios. Chris Jurd left our little group to fly home, goodbye Chris, have a safe journey home. We travelled by Shinkansen to Oaska. I need to share how diligent I was downloading google maps to get to each hotel from the subway and JR stations, in my diligence, I accidentally downloaded the directions to the Wrong Best Western hotel. The receptionist at the wrong hotel was lovely and explained to us how to get there, not a good thought as it was where we had just come from. This Best Western hotel was chosen because of a bus that went to Universal studios. Upon arrival to our hotel we were abruptly told we could not book in until 3 pm and was told the bus only runs on weekends. So after depositing our suitcases, back from where we had come to go to Universal circle for the train. We did not arrive at Universal studios until 2.30pm, the Rush was on for rides, adventure and especially Harry Potter world.

Jaws ride, 40 min wait, did I mention how cold it was the wind was blowing a gale, slightly unpleasant.
We booked our place for Harry Potter world, at 1540hrs, thought to self, we are set, so we had some lunch and proceeded to Hogsmead village at designated time.
Note the crowd !
Jurrsaic Park, wait for ride 70 mins.

Japanese World.

This girl s the line for the lolly shop in Hogsmeade Village, note....just to get served foe a bag of lollies, 120mins.
Lovely monster in lolly shop window.

Owls for sale
Photo opportunity with Mrs Woodpecker.
This is where my hopes were shattered, the 1540hrs scheduled time was to enter Hogsmeade Village the ride itself was a waiting time of 3 hours, that is what we had left at the park, so needless to say, no rides were taken, due to the waiting time and cold, I would hate to be at Universal Studios in summer, the cold did not keep the people away.
Upon arrival in Sendai, we had a quite afternoon with some R & R, in the evening we had French cuisine at this delightful restaurant.
These two wonderful men were our waiter and chef, for the evening, we did not speak Japanese or they English, but we all managed and had a great time and a wonderful meal.
Just a little of what we sampled. Fromage.
Smoked duck.
Meat terrine.
Seafood parcel, delicious.
Seafood pasta, sorry forgot before photo, delicious as well.
Smiley face, olive oil and balsamic.
Our little group.
Friday bought us snow in. Sendai 
Before just as snow was falling
Same spot a few hours later
Esme had to do a snow angel
Goodbye Sendai, back to Tokyo, Ginza district.

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