Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hiroshima Peace Park

We travelled for 5 hours to get to Hiroshima, arrived just after lunch, checked into our hotel then visited the Peace park, what a great afternoon, the park, museums and memorials were heart wrenching, such a tradegy, 140,000 lives lost, a huge percentage were children, August 6 th 1945, now 70 years on. "have we learnt our lesson".
Replica of bomb dropped onto Hiroshima, an identical one was dropped on Nagasaki, the Americans dropped the atomic bomb to end the war, it worked.
Inside the museum, buildings from Hiroshima.
Collections of pottery, coins, glass bottles etc from bomb site.
This monument reminds me of a covered wagon.
This is a memorial fountain, inside this building is like a resting place for all lives lost in the bombing of Hiroshima.
A diorama of the bombed site.
A memorial to all the children lost, note all the paper cranes, hanging, these cranes have come from all over the world.

This booth was open, so that you can deposit your paper cranes.
The atomic dome, used to be the council chambers.
More paper cranes.
Our wonderful dinner at Caffe Ponte, some Moët and mulled wine, a great evening with DH!  Chris and Esme.
An interesting pet, a raccoon.
DH's entree, prosciutto from another hanging leg.
My snails.
This was in the toilet, how wonderful was this restroom for sitting and some reelection.
Today we are off to Hiroshima castle.

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