Friday, 23 January 2015

Post quilt show and hello Tokyo and Yuzawaya.

Wrapping up after the quilt show.
I have to mention this wonderful lady and her beautiful embroidery work, would you believe pistil stitch could be so interesting and what you can create.

Some of my purchases from the quilt show, I bought some great fabric.

Thursday we had a big day out and went to the Tsukiji fish markets for breakfast

Minced fish, cheese and bacon on a stick, served cold, quite tasty.
The size of some of the tuna and marlin were amazing.
Wandering the streets of Tsukiji looking for somewhere to eat, you could buy any kind of seafood and even an omelette on a stick.
One of the temples in the Tsukiji area.
Another temple.
The Japanese love their dogs, this greyhound was in a onesey and in the pram was another dog, when the dog had a wee, the lady sprayed the area with water.
We also visited the Yuzawaya store, Chris and I had a great time purchasing some cheap and wonderful fabric, lots of Yuwa fabric. Will let you have a peek at what I bought when time permits, we are having fun, filled days.
Tomorrow we move to the Minato area to attend our Sumo competition.

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  1. Heather - I would like to know more about the embroidery shown in your 2nd picture. Does this type of embroidery have a name? thanks - Vicki B