Saturday, 24 January 2015

Minato-ku and Sumo.

Look at what at I bought at Yuzawaya, some great fabrics, Ecnino, Yuwa and Koko Seki by Lecre.

Saturday we left Tokyo Dome to travel to Minato-Ku to Shiba Park hotel, so that we were closer to the Sumo wrestling arena. When walking around this prefecture, we discovered a shrine just near the Tokyo tower, we were entertained by a monkey show, a baby's christening and great architecture, with old wooden doors.
Our little travel group,outside the gateway to the shrine.
Hundreds of little statues with bonnets on, holding flowers and incense.
Our monkey show.
Baby's christening 

We all got picked up at 1.30 pm for Sumo, what a wonderful afternoon. The winner wins this cup and lots of other goodies.
A years supply of mushrooms, coke, beef and 10'000,000 yen.

Past champion sumo, note the rope and white aprons.
One of the many matches, we got to see a match that lasted for four mins, so exciting, and very rare for this to happen, after the match the Russian sumo could not feel his hands, the winner of this match with sponsorship won $90,000.
All the competing sumo's on show.
I was taken by our guide to sumo watch as they come out the back door, they were all very obliging when asked to have photos with them.

All sumo's can range from 145kgs to 220kgs and from 170 to 195cm's
An entertaining afternoon was had by all, I highly recommend if in Japan,  to attend a sumo wrestling. Competition. After sumo we had a great meal in a Spanish restaurant, and a jug of sangria, later we all rolled home, note the leg,which prosciutto is thinly sliced from.
Tomorrow we head of on the bullet train to Hiroshima.

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