Saturday, 17 June 2017

Yellowstone National Park

This morning we had an early start due to the long distance that we had to cover to get to Yellowstone. We briefly drove into Montana, where we stopped at Cooke City for lunch, Matt our tour director, warned us about the special people that lived there, he was right but the town was located in a picturesque setting, with snow capped mountains.

Cooke City
Lots of wooden carvings, quaint little shops 
A chance to have a play in the snow.
After lunch we entered back into Wyoming, we arrived into Grant Village, Yellowstone at 5pm, on the way we saw plenty of active wildlife, Bison and elk

Everyone was taking the photo of the elk, I took photos of the people taking photos, so funny.
We are spending two days in Yellowstone, and have already saw a lot of wildlife.

After an early breakfast, the next morning we all boarded the bus to explore this beautiful park and all it's wonders.
Our first stop was Dragons mouth, an active blowhole of steam and very hot mud, with sulphur smells. Then we drove onto Gibbon Waterfalls and Artist Point and lower falls.
Dragons Mouth.
One of the many walks that we did, around the sulphur pools in Yellowstone 
Artists Point.
Old Faithful about to blow.
Sapphire pool in Yellowstone, we had two glorious days in this national park and I must say, we only touched the surface, what a great way to get in touch with nature.
After Yellowstone we travelled to the Teton Mountains, what a wonderful place to have lunch and lap up the sceanery.

On our way to Jackson, more to follow.

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