Monday, 26 June 2017

Canada here we come.

Saturday the 17th saw us getting a cab to the airport, to catch our flight to Vancouver, the temperature in Las Vegas was 47 degrees, so very happy to leave.

 The flight was 2 1/2hrs, on arrival we caught a cab to our hotel and had a running commentary from our cab driver, about Vancouver and what is happening in Vancouver.
We sydneyites seem to have a lot in common with Vancouver, just to touch on a few gripes by our cab drivers, bike tracks being put in the inner city, foreign buyers, buying all the houses and leaving them empty.
There appears to be a lot of buildings demolished and new highrise being built in their place.
Vancouver does not appear to be preserving their heritage buildings.
The next morning we had a city tour and visited Stanley park, Granville Island and parts of the city.

The girl in the swimsuit in Stanley park, she is also a tidal marker.

Totem poles in Stanley park.

When we stopped at Granville Island we saw these painted concrete tanks.

My second quilt shop find on Granville Island, well actually I missed it, my kiwi buddies pointed it out, much to DH's dislike.
There was a light scatter of rain during the city tour, when we stopped at Granville Island for lunch,we were reassured that the rain would cease at 2pm.
We arrived back at our hotel at 1230 and left at 1320hrs to go to the Capilano suspension bridge and Grouse Mountain.
Entry to the suspension bridge, it is still raining.
DH and I walked across the bridge, very slippery.
View from the cliff walk, to the suspension bridge.
The cliff walk took about 10minutes.
View looking back from where we had walked.
After the bridge we were than driven to Grouse mountain, and it is still raining, but not cold.
We took the gondola up, and in 10mins we were up enjoying the sleet and light snow fall, I followed the bear tracks to see the grizzlys.
On the way we saw snow ploughs.
This is Grinder, the bigger of the two, Coola is the smallest, these bears were rescued as cubs and have been on Grouse mountain for 13 years
The bears weight charts.
As you can see it is still raining and light snow, the wood chopping event was entertaining, although it was wet we had a great day.

The next morning, it was all aboard for the Rocky Mountaineer, silver leaf as the gold leaf carriage was broken, money refunded, but I must say silver leaf was pretty special.

The Rocky Mountaineer was wonderful we had red carpet, bagpipes playing, three course meals, alcohol served from 10am and three delightful girls that kept us entertained. Our first day was 10 1/2hrs and we had an overnight stay in Kamloops.
Some of the sights from our train ride.
Inside the Rocky Mountaineer 

Our dessert at lunch time.

One of the first train stations, when the Canadian Pacific railway was built. Our second night was in Banff. We spent 14 1/2 hrs on the train travelling from Kamloops to Banff, this has been the only time that I have had to sew, as the touring has been at a frantic pace.
We arrived into Banff at 2100hrs, off loaded, said our goodbyes and checked into our hotel for the night. We were to spend two days in Banff, in the am, up to Sulpher Mountain.
More adventures to follow.

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