Monday, 19 June 2017

Jackson, here we come.

After a leisurely drive from Yellowstone, stop for lunch at The Tetons and the onto a pioneer church, where we had a rest stop, we arrived into Jackson at 3.30pm. I could see that I was going to like Jackson.

Jackson has an Elk sanctuary and each year thousands of elks migrate to Jackson in the winter. This has seen the number of elk populate and there is now no fear of extinsion. Each year the buck sheds his antlers and then these are collected to sell, and make stuff with, as you can see this park has antler arches to each entry. Oh if only I could take some of these home.

Stage coach in the city centre.
We had two days in Jackson and this was my first op shop visit, got a few bargains.

Jackson has three great museums and we got to visit two of them, one about the pioneers and the other about the native americans.

Artifacts from the early pioneer days.
A crazy quilt, made from old shirts, blankets etc, finished off by tying.

This quilt from late 1800' is a log cabin design, but what was interesting was the beautiful hand made lace around the edge. 

Up close and personal with a moose.
Every afternoon at 6pm, Jackson has a shoot-out and nearly everyone that is in Jackson gathers to witness this event,  put on by the local theater company.

A fun time was had by all, even when we were attached by Indians. The next morning we head off to Salt Lake City. On the way we stopped at Bear Lake.

Afton, worlds largest Elk arch, more to follow

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