Saturday, 10 June 2017

CODY: Buffalo Bill country

We made our way to Cody after leaving Deadwood, the trip to Cody was up and over the mountains, on the way we stopped to have a photo stop.

The view looking back over the mountains.
Our motor coach.
After leaving the mountains, we stopped in Sheridan for lunch and had a Walmart stop, just when I left my camera in the bus, a missed opportunity......People of  Walmart.
We only had a light lunch, because we are stopping at Elk View Inn for pie in the afternoon.
We passed through some very scenic country side.
Arrival into Cody was at 5pm, we checked into our cabins and went off to explore the town.

The population of Cody is 8,800 and has a famous pub called The Irma.
Our cabin for the night.
The cheerywood bar given to Buffalo Bill by Queen Victoria ..

My chicken pot pie, needless to say, a big meal that was not finished.
I just love how the americans decorate, would just love some of these stuffed heads at home, very cheap here, only $125 for a deer head.
A large moose head. 

DH and I had a great evening we shared a meal with a couple from Buffalo. Sunset does not happen until around, in this part of world.
After a restful night we were up and ready to go, first stop was The Buffalo Bill museum, where we had 2 1/2hrs ro explore.
The museum was well worth a visit and was very informative about the life of William Cody, fondly called Buffalo Bill.
Buffalo Bill was a showman as well as a scout for the US army. He performed one of the biggest circus extravaganzas and bought the Wild West ro the rest of the world. He had 5 children, but lost 2 of them at an early age.

Buffalo Bill was a hansome man.

One of the early wagon trains used in the Wild West.
What caught my attention was the sewing box and sewing machine that belonged to Buffalo Bill's wife.

A grizzly bear, only one that I saw!

Sewing box

Sewing machine

I can see a quilt pattern happening here.
That concludes my visit to Cody, onwards to Yellowstone Nation Park.

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