Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Getting things in order.

Oh Well, I have finally got my act together, and stopped doing selfies and commit myself to a few presents that I had promised myself that I would make for some friends. This week I achieved a great deal, so feeling quite pleased with myself. I had a friend who had a baby on the 17 th September. When I heard that she was pregnant, I bought a kit for a cot quilt and was going to have it made and ready to give to the baby when she was born. Not too bad....only 6 weeks late with the quilt, Jemmima was born on the 17 th September.  I also promised a library bag for one my colleagues little girl, as she started school this year and I had the best intentions, but always seemed to be caught up in what I was making for myself.  The bag was worse in the delay, as her first year of school has nearly finished, the embroidery for her name was completed very early in the year.  After a good talking to me from me, I dedicated these days off, to getting my act together and just do it. The quilt from beginning to end took me a whole day, so all of Monday was dedicated and in the afternoon, I had to go down to get some veggies for tea, so I popped the quilt in the mail and got a delighted phone message on Wednesday, yah.... For Australia post.quilt.

As you can see, the fabrics were a mix of satin, flannels, cottons and plush, not easy to sew.

Little Jemmima looks great snuggled in the quilt, I need permission from mum! before I post some photos, she looks gorgeous wrapped in the quilt.

The library bag that I made was more of a universal bag, that may be used for shopping as well, I embroidered Lily's name and made the bag out of this great American Jane fabric, "Dick and Jane"
I will also give you a sneak peak at my selfie quilt, will reveal more when it is finished being quilted.

Don't I have great legs!!!


  1. I see you had the printing done and it looks great! What a fun piece.

  2. Thanks Chris, not finished yet, more will be revealed soon!