Saturday, 9 November 2013

Holidays and another quilt show.

Today, Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a sewing day and to also visit a quilt show, this does not happen very often as I usually work every weekend. My social events are virtually nil due to working most weekends. Christine Book teaches patchwork in Camden once a month and today as I am on holidays I went to one of her classes as well as having the opportunity to visit the Campbelltown Quilt show which is being held on Saturday and Sunday. The  quilt show is being held in the civic centre in the centre of Campbelltown. The quilt show was very well represented with trade stalls and a great sales table. I purchased 4 great American quilt magazines from 1994 to 1996, these magazines are a great buy as they have patterns for all antique blocks, appliqués and paper piecing. I will share some of the quilts from the show which took my eye. My next post will be from Japan as I leave Monday to enjoy 9 days sightseeing which will include the Yokoharma Quilt festival.

Elaine Farriers version of Jane Austin, the centre is coloured and embroidered, redrawn by Chris Book

Another quilt by Elaine Farrier, a Chris Book design, Row by Row. note it is completed lengthways.

This quilt by Adrienne Blair took my eye as it was completed in reproduction fabrics, pattern by Megan Carroll.
The quilt was called

John Hewson's bird's, check out the centre.

Just love the border.

This next quilt is a miniature completed by Robyn Dye, called Baltimoe Beauty and Bluebells.

I could not avoid the glare of the lights, a close up of the bottom flower.

The above quilt called "Joy" was a whack and stack made by Bridget Wilkinson, it looks like it has been fussy cut but it is a layer of 6 fabrics stacked on on another to get the design, what great fabric.

A close up of the fabric used.
Another Row by Row quilt, made by Dale and designed by Chris Book, photographed in Chris Books class in Camden.

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