Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Cleaning up and more Lucy Boston and crafty things.

I forgot to share with you my purchases from Quilts in the Barn and Needles and Pins in Warryndyte, I felt that I had done very well and was pleased with what I had bought. I also purchased the panel, "Tree of Life",  now what to do with it. 
On my recent trip to Melbourne I also completed a few more Lucy Boston's, I am now going to start to put all the squares together if I do not get too distracted from other temptations. This week I am having a holiday as I am going to a quilting retreat int the blue mountains this weekend. It is being hosted by The Stitching Post and Marg Low is one of the teachers
Will try and find all the little bits required from my stash for the retreat so I will not make any unnecessary purchases, ha ha!. So.... This led me to having a clean up, oh my god 3 days later, I am still at it, where does all this stuff come from, will I ever use it in my lifetime, probably not, but I will have a great time trying.

The tree of life panel and some Dutch chintz fabrics.
A selection of fabric from Needles and Pins 
My other purchases mainly from Mary Koval and her fabric, except for the French General in the left hand corner
I bought this hand painted piece of black velvet off Mary's stand, does it not scream at you, to use it for a centre in a quilt.
More Lucy's completed.
I have really enjoyed doing the squares for Lucy, but all journeys must come to an end and now excited about getting it all together?
My other little project this week, drilling holes in china and making flowers.


  1. Hello! I love your blocks and fabric choices. I would love to know what fabric line you used in the red & black block with the stripes on the outer corners. Do you know who the designer and manufacturer are? I too am working on POTC. Do you have individual pictures of each block posted anywhere. I'm addicted! So lovely!

  2. heathtoncreations.blogspot.com9 November 2013 at 13:29

    Thank you for your lovely comment, I am sorry but I only buy a small portion of the fabric for my Lucy Boston, and most time they do not have the label on the bottom, I purchased the fabric at a quilt show about 18months ago. I also post on my pinterest board. I have nearly completed the 56 blocks so will soon be posting the quilt, more eye candy coming soon.