Friday, 21 June 2013

Wonders of the world

As mentioned previously, I have just returned from a holiday in South America. My husband was very reluctant to travel to this country because of  poor reviews and bad travel warnings, needless to say I bullied him into going, so with some reluctance he accompanied me and had the time of his life. We travelled to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru on an Intrepid tour. On this tour we were  rewarded with a fantastic group of people as well as a great tour leader. I would highly recommend travelling to South America, especially Peru. Peru is a magical place and I am sure that anyone who has travelled to Peru would agree. On this trip we saw three wonders of the world, so if you have a bucket list that needs to be ticked, go to South America. As with all travel, caution is required.
Back view of Christ The Redeemer, stands 30 feet high, arm span is 28 feet wide
Front view of Christ the Redeemer
Iguazsu Falls Brazil side.

Macchu Piccu Peru

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