Friday, 21 June 2013

Miniature quilts

My fascination with miniature quilts started quite awhile ago, I first saw a quilt which was a 4 inch square made out of tiny hexagons. This  inspired me to make a few. In January this year I did summer school with Anne Sommerlad, who designed a miniature quilt which is made up of twenty 2 1/2 inch blocks, foundation pieced. I enjoyed the class and  was quite pleased with the result. 
I also purchased a doll quilt book by Kathleen Tracey and have made one of the doll quilts with my twist. Recently at the Quilt and Craft Fair in the Exhibition building, Darling Harbour, Sydney, there was a display of miniature quilts, the workmanship on the quilts were stunning and a credit to the makers.

 A small tumbler quilt, drawn up by Christine Book.
An adaptation 0f Kathleen Tracey doll's quilts
Foundation pieced 2 1/2'' blocks, Anne Sommerlad design.

Some eye candy from the recent Quilt fair in Sydney

Just a small display of miniature quilts at the recent Quilt and Craft Fair in Sydney

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