Saturday, 22 June 2013

Craft in Brazil

Finished night duty for this month, had a very busy night with multiple emergency calls, pleased to go home to bed. The weather is now getting quite cold and we had our first frost this morning. Rain is predicted over the next few days, must prepare for bunking down and doing some indoor activities, maybe some sewing. Over the last few days have done a lot of prep work for my texas wheel blocks and outside cream for my Lucy Boston squares. I am quite proud of fellow Australian's and our love of art, craft and quilting and feel that we turn out some great designs and quality workmanship. Whilst in Brazil in April I had the opportunity to go to a few craft markets and got too look at what was being created overseas, what I saw was folk arty and naïve, each item was individualistic, bright and colourful, like South America.
Very bright children T-Shirts

Plastic bag holders, who remembers these...

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