Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lucy Boston Block's

After a busy 10 hours at work on Sunday, coordinating medical intensive care teams to sick babies and children all over Sydney and rural NSW, my 40 hours for the week is complete. I will return to  nightduty midweek. On completion of duty Sunday afternoon at 1700hrs, I drove the 45 minutes home, making a few phone calls to pass the time. Arrival at home immediately, got stuck into the house work. Vacuumed, dusted and cleaned the bathrooms. The method for my madness... Monday I want to go to see the "Great Gatsby. I have heard mixed review, so off too see it today. In the afternoon after the movie, will do the ironing, then my few days off will be dedicated to some sewing.

For the last 12 months I have been sewing Lucy Boston's squares, also known as Patchwork of the Crosses. Lucy was inspirational with her sewing and sewed into her 80's, with very poor eyesight. What is intriguing about these squares is the fussy cutting of fabric, how they are placed and the cross that forms the square disappears. I have completed 36 of these squares and not sure if I will do the 56 that Lucy did. I have used a variety of creams around the squares, as suggested by my friend Chris Book, as I complete the squares I sew the 24 cream/ shirting elongated hexagons around the square for completion. When I come to sew them together, I will only have 2,200 1" squares to sew together..


  1. I love your green and yellow block. This project is so fun! I am wondering if you can tell me the names of the yellow paisley and the red center fabrics that you used. If you know the designer and manufacturer I would love to do a similar block. You have inspired me!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, the green fabric is a Windham fabric " colonies cheddar", the centre fabric is actually purple with yellow and pink, not sure of the name, but I did get it from Spotlight, just loved how this fabric fussy cuts, the yellow paisley, from memory is a Judith Rothermal fabric, civil war, sorry I do not have a name for it.