Friday, 15 April 2016

Mitla, Mezcale and thermal pools

A full day tour to Mitla, with a very crowded bus, full of backpackers, an interesting day was had by all visiting a very old tree, 2,000 yrs old with a trunk width of 14.6 metres. A swin in the thermal pools, rug weaving and Mezcale making, the local drink.
A plaque depicting information regarding the tree.
Entry fee was 10 pesos= $1 this money is used to preserve this ancient tree. The tree is surrounded by beautiful gardens..
The tree, noted to be 2,000 yrs old.
The Toparies in the surrounding gardens

After we visited this tree we drove onto a local village, where mats are made, along with other items for sale.
We were all taught about dyeing, using natural products and how many different shades of red that can be developed from a bug that inhabits the local cactus, just by mixing, water, lime juice and white oxide.
Demonstrating how the merino wool is spun, the wool used to weave the rugs.
A rug that caught my eye, of course was Frida, a little too high on the price tag for a rug that was less than 1 metre squared.  $1,500. Although show some interest and it quickly comes much do you want to pay and chase you out the door asking.....
Then after this visit on we travel to the Mezcale factory, I sampled a small amount, not to my liking, but all the backpackers were into sampling big time.
The agave plants are trimmed, these can weigh a lot, not sure about amount, but all the fronds are trimmed from the base and the stalk is left and chopped into quarters and placed near a pit to be smoked for 8 days. This apparently gives the Mezcale a smoky flavour.

DH had a go at the tequila with the worm, as my stomach is fragile, I did not do any taste testing other than the Mezcale.

The poor donkey pulling the wheel to grind the agave.

A great painting at the Mezcale factory.
After the tasting we travelled to a very dry and hot mountain where a thermal pool is located, believe me this was not pleasant, you had to walk a good 20 mins over a very dry limestone mountain to get to a small oasis on a cliff top, where there may have been a number of pools if it was the wet season, but only one was deep enough to swim. The park has an entry fee and only allows 400 people at one time, believe me I was not getting into this pool, stagnant water and loads of people.
The walk
The pool
After nearly everyone had a swim we ventured intoMitla to have lunch then visit the Mayan ruins.
Lunch DH and I decieded to take the plunge and try some grasshoppers, OK a little salty, I did not swallow.
Off to the ruins in Mitla.

Back to hotel 
Last day in Oaxaca, tomorrow we are off to Merida, Yucatan.

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