Friday, 29 April 2016

Chilling in Paducah

On our exploration of the town on Friday, DH and I discovered some wonders and just enjoyed strolling  about the streets . Popping into antique shops and discovering what Paducah had on offer, in quilt week.
We hitched a ride around town with a horse and cart, transport provided for quilt week.
For some reason, our driver, offered for DH to stay with him for the day, I think that he felt sorry for DH, with me dragging him around town and  into the shops.
We did visit a moonshine place.
A perfect photo opportunity as well.
Walking around town is quite interesting, signs are all over the shops, welcoming quilters, there was even free lemonade for the quilters.
Lots of art work and the shops are competive with window displays, quilts are heavily featured and there is even prizes for the best window display.
Lots of art displayed.
Other means of transport.
A visit to the quilt museum, no photos allowed inside the museum.
A lot of bronze statues adorn the town.
We walked along the Ohio River and the flood wall, there was a great flood in 1937 and again in 2003. The town is surrounded by the flood walls as well as levees that circle the town. The flood walls have the most interesting murals painted on them.
The paintings depict typical life in Paducah, past and present.

Paducah has all these wonderful historical plaques all over the town.
In the afternoon Tony and Elva picked us up and we had a nice stroll along the river and enjoyed a photo shot along the wall as well as with the steam engine.
A little history of the 1937 flood.
Watch this space....more soon.

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