Friday, 22 April 2016

Goodbye Mexico, Cancun and Chichen Itza

Monday we departed at 0920hrs to drive the 1 1/2hr to Chichen Itza, on arrival we had a little time to explore the chocolate shop, before we set of to explore the ruins. It was a very hot day, over 40 degree heat inside the ruins.
Chichen Itza
DH and I, another one of the seven  modern wonders ticked off our list. 
There are over 490 columns in these ruins.
Off course the place is overrun with tourists and souvenir stall holders.
The acoustics are amazing in these places.
All the stall holders along all the paths as you walk to the ruins.
We visited this sinkhole, not used for swimming, as access is poor and the water is stagnant.
We had company at lunch. 
At 3.30 pm we departed  for Cancun  it took Nearly 3 hrs to drive from Chichen Itza to Cancun.
On arrival to Cancun, what a disappointment, so tourist orientated, so many resorts and shops.
A slight disappointment after enjoying the rustic side of Mexico.
A short stroll from our hotel to explore.
A little like the gold coast at home or a miniature  Vegas.

This appears to be a popular night club
Francy pubs!
The dome of our hotel
The floor of our hotel, no charm in this resort!
The pool near the beach, the beaches are nice, white sand.
You can hire a Bali bed for $239, not sure for how long?
The pool has cement lounges, so that you may just recline in them, have a drink etc.
I was very pleased that we only had one day and one night in Cancun, as it is very commercialised and very much geared towards tourists. 
We departed for Chicago the next day.
This is my prep work for La Passcaglia, With all the travelling and sight seeing not much time to sew! 
Onto Chicago.

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