Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Turkey travels, culture, food, handicrafts and a great time!.

OMG, Turkey is such a delight! the ruins after our Egypt trip, it has been a delight to see how ancient cities are looked after and maintained in Turkey.
Below is a couple of Turkish men twirling ice cream, very good ice cream.

All over Turkey are these evil eye trees.
We had lunch in a gorgeous restaurant in Cappodocia Cultural house and below was the most amazing framed embroideries, silk fabric and silk cotton.

All satin stitched and hand embroidered.
Next stop was a visit to a pottery place that creates the most gorgeous plates, containers and wine decanters, such a shame they are all breakable and we still have a few weeks left of our trip.
And of course, I had to have a go!

In Konya we visited the Rumi museum, this was where the whirling dervishes were trained.

On arrival into Ayvalik where we stayed in a pansion, a restored ottoman mansion. The front door.
Entry foyer
Kitchen for food prep.
Our bedroom.

Quite charming with many folk art designs and collectables, the pansion consisted of 3 floors with 2 bathrooms on each floor and about 12 bedrooms, the group contributed to a mezze night and much fun was had by all, dinner was finished off with a game of cards.
We also had the opportunity to meet a Canadian woman, name forgotten, who came to Turkey 25 yrs ago and loved Turkey so much she stayed. She is responsible for running a shop front, teaching the local Turkish women on how to make goods out of recyclable materials, such as NescafĂ© packets, liptons tea, ring pull tops, etc.The shop front allows the  local ladies to learn some arts and crafts and a little money can be earned on the side and donated to the local population.

Above one of the Turkish women, sewing materials on the machine.
Food has been a big part of our tour, in every town that we have stopped at, our tour guide has suggested a local delicacy to the area, in Ayvalik, it was recommended to have a panini and stuffed mussels with lemon, we tried both, very enjoyable.

In Pammukkake we visited the white travertines and the ancient city, (Hierapolis of Phyrgia), just as we were finished visiting the city and walked to the travertines, we had torrential rain, we waited for awhile but then decided to brave the wind and rain and walked back to the hotel via the travertines. 
Wild poppies are growing all over Turkey.
Gateway to Hierapolis.

What a wonderful thing to do, the rain added to the delight of walking on the travertines,  the water was so warm, to walk on a world heritage site while still raining was awesome.
The white travertines.

One if the many art works in the city of Selcuk

Ephesus temple and library 
Troy in Troya.
Ferry ride to get to Gallipoli 

Lone Pine
New Zealand memorial.
Look what you find in toilets!
When in Pamukkali, we had the opportunity to see the Whirling dervishes.
The whirling dervishes performing.

The horse from the movie, "Troy"
We travelled 3,300 KM's over western Turkey.

R Egypt tour, it is great to see how the 

In Cannakle is the horse used in the movie "Troy" the Turkish government purchased it after the movie was completed, it is situated along the wharf area, where we had our last meal as tomorrowwe leave early to catch the ferry and drive back to Instanbul, farewell Turkey and onto Greece.

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