Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Turkey, Istanbul, culture, food and world heritage sites.

May 30th saw us traveling from Cairo to Instanbul, our relief when we were picked up from the hotel to travel to the airport. A delight to see Ahmed, our driver from the first few days in Cairo to be our transport. We arrived on good time to Cairo airport a few hours before departure! time to eat and shop! then settle until our 1520 hrs flight. This time approached and went past, we are all sitting in the gate area to board and was told about no delays, on enquiry found out that we had missed our air space and flight was cancelled indefinitely. We departed Cairo at 1730hrs and did not arrive into Instabul until 1945 hrs, delayed and worried about transport as we were so late, but G adventures picked us up, relief all round. As it does not get dark in Turkey until 2030 hrs, we were able to see some sites of Instanbul, both DH and I were delighted with what we saw, so different to Egypt.
On arrival into Instanbul, just near our hotel, heaps of restaurants, a choice had to be made!, so late.
DH ambling along the many restaurants.
A Turkish delight.... Testi Kebap
We thought we ordered small.
On Saturday we woke to rain, cleared by the time we set off to explore the city of Instanbul and the Blue Mosque.
Inside the Blue Mosque, beautiful tiles and lead light features.
Still feeling overwhelmed with what to buy!, below back to waiting in lines, something we did not have to do in Egypt, time to leave Instanbul and into Ankara.

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