Saturday, 7 June 2014

Onto Ankara and some cultural education.

After leaving   Instanbul and a visit to the Grand. Bazaar,  we had a 5 hour drive to Ankara, with a few stops on the way. Tour group slowly getting to know each other.
The Grand Bazzar has over 4,000 shops and employs 30,000 people, you can easily get lost, so if you see something, buy it because the shop would be difficult to find again. DH and I did get lost, all part of the adventure. On our drive to Ankara we stopped at a salt lake and walked on it, an absolute amazing sight. We arrived into Ankara late evening. The next morning saw us going to The Ancient Civilisation museum. This is a beautiful museum and wonderfully presented, It was  refreshing to be educated in another ancient civilisation, Antolian.

Look closely at this marriage vase, pictured below, featured in the museum.
DH and I in front of the fyrigians wall,  Anatolian museum.
We also visited the sycophogus of Ataturk, we had to wait to enter the museum due to a visiting dignitary from Austria. Below the Turkish flag in a garden display.

Entry to the museum.

We departed for Cappodocia, everyone was amazed at the rock formation, of this place, welcome to Bedrock. 

on our fist morning in Cappodocia we woke to a wonderful sight of over 70 hot air balloons in the sky.
Some of the amazing rock formations in Cappadocia.
Rock formations. After a wonderful 3 days in Cappodocia we set of to Guneysenir for a home stay. 
On arrival to Guneysenir, we were ushered to where the local Turkish women were having handicrafts lesson and wanted to show the tour group their creations, as you could imagine I was excited to see some of the local ladies handiwork. this was also an opportunity for me to show them some of my English paper piecing techniques. I also left with the ladies some pattern pieces and some instructions on how to paper piece. Although language can be a barrier, quilting has no boundaries for enthusiastic learners.
Our home stay was a success and we sampled local Turkish cooking and hospitality, Guneysenir is a small village, with little tourism, just another addition to our adventure in Turkey.


  1. You are seeing so many amazing and wonderful things. Happy travels!

  2. Thank you Rachael, I am a bit ruined out... Too many ruins, so the home stay was a great break.