Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale and friends.

What a fantastic day to end a very busy week of sewing, three UFO's completed and now the fourth soon to be sent to the quilters after another border has been added. More photo's will be posted shortly of the completed quilts,  I seem to have been on a roll since late January, completing my UFO's, out of seven, only three more to go!!!!, not counting the ones that I am working on at present. Today I drove down to  Mittagong to visit an old friend! Di, we have had a friendship that has lasted for over 35 years and a friendship that is greatly valued.  On arrival into Mittagong, we drove to Moss Vale, a neighbouring town to vist a reviva recycling centre at the " tip", let me share with you, what we got for free! quilting magazines and some great books, photos below! After spending a good hour at the tip, we then drove to Berrima, which is another historical town in the Southern Highlands to have morning tea and visit the Berrima patchwork shop, of course fabric was purchased. We then drove back to Mittagong  for lunch and retail therapy, as well as a visit to the Village quilt shop. Mittagong is a quaint little village in the Southern Highllands which holds a lot of charm as well as spending the day with Dianne, I took the opportunity to catch up with another friend,  Jessica, who lives in Willowvale, a suburb close to Mittagong. What a delightful afternoon with lots of show and tell, cake, tea and loads of fun.
Jessica is making the "Fun Girls Quilt by Bronwyn Hayes! very similar to the Polka Dot girls quilt that I have just completed, back from the quilters and putting the binding on at present.

 The reviva centre at the tip in Moss. Vale and below, just some of the books that were free!

Berrima patchwork shop.

Mittagong Village Quilt shop.

Jessica, cake, tea, show and tell, what a great afternoon, below the "Fun Girls "Quilt that Jessica is making? just love it and well done to Jessica!

My Polka Dot girls, before being sent to the quilter.  I resisted the urge to make it bigger, small in comparison to my other quilts only 71 inches square. I am very happy with the quilting, hearts and roses, will show more photos when binding is completed.
One more border to be added to my appliqué quilt and then off to the quilters, this quilt has been a combination of Chris Jurd, centre, Kim Mcleans appliqué and my borders with the  bird appliqués. By adding extra borders, this quilt is another large one.

"Batik Beauty" completed with quilting and binding, made for my neice, Rhiannon.

In a very happy place with my completed quilts, cannot wait to start other projects that I have in mind,  oh so much to do and so little time!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day out! I must get to the tip shop too.
    You are really on a roll aren't you and I can't wait to see your quilts hanging at the springwood quilt show.

  2. Thanks Chris, neither can I.