Saturday, 26 April 2014

First time entrant in a quilt show/ Springwood Quilt show

Held this weekend was the Springwood quilt show, this event has been running for 9 years and has always been one of my favourite quilt shows along with the Camden show, which is held in August. With encouragement from Chris Jurd I entered two of my quilts that I had recently completed. This was a first for me, as I have never entered any of my quilts into a show. I must say I felt immense pride when I saw my quilts hanging in the hall and was also privy to a few comments from people about my quilts, especially "Lucy's Crosses". 
The show opened on Friday, Anzac Day at 11 am and I was surprised at the turnout by people visiting the show, it was packed, a testament of just how popular the Springwood quilt show can be. I had a great day catching up with friends and meeting new ones, purchased some bargains and fabric for fussy cutting. My experience from doing "Patchwork of the Crosses" is looking at fabric in various ways for fussy cutting and I am finding it difficult to stop buying fabric to use this way, there is always some hexagon or shape waiting to be covered.

Below is some eye candy, starting with two of my quilts.

"Texas Wheel" designed by Chris Jurd, inspired by a 1840 quilt made by Grace Slater, England.
Nice and easy, completed in 3 months, hand sewn over 400 1inch hexagons.

Lucy's Crosses, "Patchwork of the Crosses "Lucy Boston, England. This quilt took me 19 months to complete the 56 blocks and 6 solid weeks of sewing the 1inch squares, to bring the quilt together.

Now for some of the quilts on display, some amazing works of art, featured below.

Crazy by Barabara Thomas

The Fall by Rachael Caruana
A close up look at the tie, individual cut leaves
Women of Courage by Vicki Allen

The Civil Dahalia by Pamela Westmacott.

 Civil War Quilt by Leonie Weatherly

Pocketful of Posies by Rachael Daisy, what fun this quilt is and great to meet up with you Rachael! 
Check out Rachael's blog!

Scrappyluscious Stars by Rachael Daisy

Each little Rose by Louise Hume

The R and wick Appliqué quilt by Laurelle Krebs
A close up of one of the blocks

At  Last by Diane  Tramontana
Check out the amazing quilting in the centre block!

Geese in th Garden by Bronwyn English 

Civil War Bride quilt by Gabrielle Russell

My Town by Judy Lyell

Octopus Garden by Rachael Daisy

Liquorice Yellow sorts by Helen Cooper

Scrappy Windmills by Chris Jurd

Savannah by Jeanette McKechnie

Woodland Whispers by Beth Glass
A close up of the centre

The quilt below reminded me of my husband and his love of all things science fiction, a great use of a novelty fabric , "Contact" by Rose Addison.

Ferris wheel by Chris Jurd

The featured quilter was Ann Langley, 

Ann Murrays William Morris
Treasures of Japan by Lorraine Titcume

Deco Revival by Susan Dellas

Mariners Garden by S andra McConnell

That's all folks , I hoped that you enjoyed the tour and got the opportunity to visit the Springwood Quilt show over the last few days, a great event not to be missed. Time for sleep to tackle night duty.


  1. Your quilts were beautiful heather and it was fun to catch up on Friday.
    Now you start sewing for next years show!

  2. Your quilts were so amazing!! You're great at making huge quilts! It's wonderful to see all these amazing quilts from the show again.