Sunday, 17 November 2013

Yokohama and onto Shinjuku and Nippori, fabric Town.

We departed this am for Shinjku after spending two days in Yokohama, six hours at the quilt show on Friday and then Saturday we ventured into the Bay Alexander area to visit another Yuzawaya store and the shops in this area. I am just loving the exploration of these stores and what they have to offer. The fabric selection is different in each store. Japan in itself is a shoppers paradise, anything you want or need is there for the asking. I joined the Yuzawaya store club and you get 20% of the next purchase. What is interesting is that when the fabric is discounted, it is cheaper to buy the metre than 1/2 metre, because you have to pay the full price not the sale price, subsequently I have bought metre lots. The fabric averages about $10 metre, when on sale it can be from $3.80 to $7.80, hard to resist. A lot of the fabric on sale is also Yuwa.
On arrival to Shinjuku, we walked to our hotel, this time being familiar with the area, was not difficult. We could not book into the hotel until 3 pm, so we left our bags and walked back to the station to catch the train to the Nippori district. This is where fabric town is located, being a Sunday was not a good day to visit as most shops were closed, I did manage to buy some very soft leather and patchwork fabric, so all in all was not a wasted trip. We then located a restaurant, had a great meal and then caught the train back to Shinjuku, a nice Sunday outing in Tokyo. I will share with you some of my purchases, I do feel that I have helped the Japanese economy.
The view from our room in Yokohama, 36 floors up.
Believe it or not, you can see Mt Fuji in the distance.
The trains that we have been travelling on, for long distances, very fast, 2 1/2 hrs to go 480 KM's.
Lots of bargains in fabric.
Isn't this fabric devine, a bit pricey but well worth the money.
 These are the liberty fabrics that I purchased.

The little swatch of fabrics is actually a collection of Lynette Anderson's fabric, which the Yuzawaya stores stock. Some sashiko design and cotton. Clover scissors.
Just loved the selection of  linen, cotton and satin bias as well, paper apple cores and some buttons to cover with the liberty fabric that I bought. Great fun has been had by me, maybe not hubby, but he has been a great sport with my shopping, hugs and kisses DH.

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  1. Wow heather you sure have conquered japan. Can't wait til 2015!
    What about that basket quilt!! Who would have thought.
    Congrats to your keeper of a husband.