Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Father's Day and birthdays

Happy Father's Day to my darling hubby who is the best father to our two boys and their partners and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there I hope that you all had a great day with family. It has been 8 months since we adopted our Princess Warrior Xena, and as we did not know when she was born, the Vet told us how old she was by her milk teeth and when she got her molars so,  the 1st of September was designated as her birthday, In combination with Fathers day, Xena celebrated her  birthday. My daughter in law bought her a dog friendly cake from  gourmet doggy treats. The cake is made with banana, carob and egg whites, beautifully decorated and had a gorgeous black doggy on top for decoration, I wanted to keep this but Xena had other ideas, she ate the sculptured dog before I could rescue it, it was so funny watching her.
Xena and her dog friendly birthday cake, note the little sculptured black dog on top, so like Xena.

I have also been doing some quilting and finally after a lot of hand sewing, have started to put the quilt together. A sneak peek below.
I have hand sewn 301  1"hexagons and only 129 to go, I just love the use of all my reproduction and civil war fabrics, I have been attending classes with Chris Jurd, who is an amazing teacher. She has adapted this design from an old quilt and the result is stunning.
.www.patchworkfundamentals.com.au Thanks Chris for your guidance  and tuition.


  1. Great to see you are still making beautiful creations. I still have my pikinini quilt and still love it...catherine

  2. Heather,
    Your quilt looks awesome. I found your blog through one of your Lucy Boston Blocks I saw on pinterest. I just learned about Lucy Boston and can't wait to start making blocks.Yours are beautiful. I signed up to follow your blog with Google Friend Connect but since the reader went away I will not get updates when you post. Are you going to add Bloglovin to your blog? Or a place to follow by email? Anyway, nice to meet you. jan @ http://sewandsowfarm.blogspot.com