Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Bush fires and evacuation

IniWell it is going to be a hot start to summer, today saw temperatures rising above 30 degrees. I am on night duty and was sleeping when the home phone calls commenced, being on night duty  usually I ignore the house phone, whilst on nights. At 1345 hrs the doorbell was rung, so I got up and put on my dressing gown, there was also loud yelling,  from my neighbours, to alert me to the evacuation. I went to see what was happening and the whole of Windsor Downs was being evacuated, extensive bush fires had broken out in the Hawkesbury district. The police had door knocked and had asked all residents to leave Windsor Downs, I had slept through it all. My hubby had been trying to call to call me so in desperation he called our next door neighbour to alert me. Things to think about when asked to evacuate... My hubby' s priority was for me to get his hard drive, mine was the dog, laptop, computer and engagement rings,funny I did not grab my sewing and did not think about that until things were settled and I had time on my hands. Where to go when all roads are blocked, drove out of our beautiful estate, tried to get to my son's place, road block, so sat outside in my car with Xena for 2 1/2 hrs, walked to the servo to get some water for myself and Xena, then at 1600 hrs made the decision to get somewhere, I took the long way round but after 1 1/2 hr drive finally got to my son, s place, normally this would take 10 mins. Night duty will be put on hold for me tonight.

In the daylight, a thick blanket of smoke lingers and the RFS has worked all night to contain the fires, below is the aftermath of the fire in the reserve opposite our house. We were very fortunate not to lose any houses in our estate but 2 houses were lost in other fires in the Hawkesbury District. 7 firefighters were injured, no lives lost, that in itself is a blessing, I just hope that our wonderful wildlife that lives in the reserve did not get harmed. We have a number of kangaroos with joeys living in the reserve, as well as other animals. A challenging time for all.

Smoke is still smouldering in the reserve opposite.

This is the reserve where our wildlife lived. All food has been destroyed, hopefully we will see them on our lawns, feeding until their food supply regrows, bring on the rain.

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