Friday, 20 September 2013

Family Day out.

Saturday was a family day, all be it two members of the family were missing, regardless we decided to go into the inner west of Sydney for the day. Our first stop was in Darlington which houses the carriageworks harvest market, In the carriageworks, is a taste lovers delight of a delicious array of different gourmet food.  Fresh fruit, vegetables, gelato, gourmet salami's, fresh flowers, herbs and home made pasta. I bought 3 x lots of homemade egg pasta for dinner on gourmet wednesday. I feel that it would go well with some ragout or maybe a seafood marinara. After visiting and shopping at the carriageworks we ventured over to Newtown and had some patisseries at the Black Star shop, this shop has been rated first for patisseries in Sydney, according to my daughter-inlaw, because of the abscence of a lemon tart for sale, it cannot be number one. Our selection of custard tart, mixed berry pastry and an almond  croissant, was a great choice and very enjoyable. In  Newtown, parking is at premium, so very difficult to secure one and may take quite awhile before one is found. After some difficulty we finally secured one at the end of King St.  We walked quite a distance on our gourmet food trail, just as well, as we needed to burn off some calories. After visiting a variety of eclectic shops along the way we finally made it to The Pie Tin in Brown St, Newtown to have lunch, this shop has also been rated as one of the best in Sydney.  My selection was a roast pork crakling pie, my critique, very dry and not very tasty, needless to say I was very  disappointed in my selection, I should have stuck to the normal mince pie. My son was happy with his choice of a  mexican salsa pie and my hubby had a lamb roast dinner  and veges pie and seem satisfied. as well. Maybe next time, I will make a better selection. Along the way we had a few scoobies and then we left Newtown to visit the Roselle markets, which is a great market for collectables as you nearly always snag a bargain. On this visit I picked up some great vintage crockery gravy boats for $5 each, also a handpainted balinese silk, that I am going to use for a tablerunner centre, all in all we had a great family day out and was happy with my purchases. arrived home late in the afternoon and had a well deserved cup of tea.
The Carriage works in Darlington.

Lots of goodies for sale at the farmers market in the Carriage works.
Plenty of food tasting available as well.
Plenty of people perusing the stalls.
The Black Star Patisserie 
The Pie Tin Shop, the selection of savoury and sweet pie's are plentiful and service was good.
My youngest son, waiting for his Mexican salsa pie. Great venue and atmosphere at the Pie Tin Shop in Newtown.

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