Sunday, 9 July 2017

More of Alaska, ketchikan and Glacier Bay

The next morning we went into Glacier Bay and saw some sea otters and orca whales, the glaciers were very impressive, the colours of the ice was amazing and all the little ice bergs floating in the water, although looked small were quite large. We had a magical few hours just cruising in the bay and admiring the scenery.

Just one of the many glaciers 

The weather was perfect today 

After Glacier Bay we docked into Ketchikan, the weather was OK, but we did not do a tour, we both decided to explore Ketchikan, especially after I found out that there was three quilt shops in town. We caught the free shuttle out to the plaza to our second quilt shop  visit, this in itself was an experience that we will both not forget,  everybody knew everybody and the woman driving the shuttle seem to be a mother to quite a few that boarded the shuttle.

The port of Ketchikan 

This jean jacket is all handbeaded, in our first yarn and fabric shop. 

Ketchikan has a lovely creek flowing through the town where salmon breed.

Our second quilt shop visit,  where DH helped to convert my purchases to centimetres and amused the quilt shop owner in the process.

Our third shop the Whales Tail and our first Internet opportunity for 5 days, only one piece of fabric was purchased here.

This was our last stop so we will have 1 1/2days at sea, then back to Vancouver,  back on board we dined in the evening at Le Cirque
 And what a wonderful dining experience that was, 4 course's later, we were replent, and enjoyed the comedy act at 8pm.
A wonderful dining experience.
Our first course.
Our second course, steak tartare.
Our main, Alaskan crab.
Dessert, vanilla soufflé 
Our last night we dined at The Pinnacle and another wonderful evening, we then met all of our 47 tour group and had a farewell drink, tomorrow we are back to Vancouver.

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