Friday, 7 July 2017

Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Sun Peaks, Whistler and some bear sightings

The An early morning rise to explore the town of Banff and to ride the gondola up to Sulphur mountain, this is where you get the best views of Banff

Fairmont Sands Hotel Banff, the town of Banff is actually a national forest park, so that the people that lives there has to be working, no retirees 

Sulphur Mountain, another gondola ride.
Bow river falls
Elks just eating on the side of the road
The sceanery is just beautiful, see the reflection in the lake
Wolf Lake note how green the water is
Our grizzly sighting he was very under nourished
DH and I on the absenthe glacier
Cam our snow mobile driver, a fellow Aussie from Geelong.
Our black bear sighting, she also had a cub

Mount Robson
Cracking horse falls
Whistler, peak to peak gondola ride
Whistler summit.

What an amazing experience riding the peak to peak, we had three gondola rides, then came down the mountain in a chair lift, we were over 9,000feet. On our ride down we saw black bears and the snow and sceanery was once again beautiful.

At our hotel in Whistler is a chill room with over 100 vodkas on display, you are only allowed in for 20mins.

I actually celebrated my 60th birthday in Jasper, but was unwell due to getting a gastric flu, ten of us on the bus was affected. Tomorrow we will be going onto Victoria, Vancouver Island, where we will be staying for two days, Back soon with more travel tales.

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