Thursday, 28 May 2015

Malaga, Granada and end of tour.

Our morroccan adventure ended in Fez. Tuesday we arose at 0500 hrs to drive 6 hours back to Tangier to catch our ferry at 1300hrs to cross the straight of Gilbraltar and land in Tarifa. We arrived in Tarifa at 12md  with a police escort, to get through customs and board the ferry. The tour group witnessed a  bit of excitement, just before we were getting of the coach, a morroccan youth tried to get under the bus to try to defect to Spain,that is the reason why we had a police escort to the ferry. On arrival into Taifa, we all disembarked, boarded the coach and drove another 2 1/2 hrs to Malaga, south of Spain, on the way we saw the island of Gilbratar.
Gilbraltar is an island shaped like a woman lying down and is under British rule, much to the disgust of Spain. Gilbratar is a well known tourist destination. Apparently only has one street of duty free shopping and not much else.
On arrival into Malagar in the south of Spain, we booked into hotel and went for a walk to the local shopping mall, after a bite to eat, time to shop.
Bought a couple of cushions, removed the stuffing to debulk, just loved this little shop.
Wednesday, we had a short drive to Granada and the Alhambra Palace, a few tour members opted to stay and go to the hotel, feeling unwell due to morroccan belly.
We spent 31/2 hrs in the Alhambra palace, the design was moorish and quite elaborate, apparently they get 7,000 people visiting daily.
Front entry to the great hall.
Inside the great hall.
Moorish tile design
Reflection pool
Lion fountain in the harem quarters.
Great gardens 
Fantastic view
The Alhambra place was one of the nicest that we have visited on this trip.
In the afternoon we went up to the top of the hill, quite an adventure catching the little minibus and jamming in 30 tourists, the view was amazing and we could see the Alhambra Palce from the top.
We also visited the St Nicholas church.
After our visit we all walked down the hill to the Main Street and perused the shops
Did some morroccan shopping at morroccan stores in Spain. Still could bargain...
More flamenco from street performers.
Icon...donkey and farmer.
Thursday we drove back to Madrid arrived early afternoon and had a farewell tapas dinner in the Plazsa Mayor
This ends our epic journey will be flying to Abu Dhabi for three days then homeward bound, back to reality. Our bucket  list has been shortened after this holiday, now to plan for our next. I cannot believe how time has flown, six months ago I had three trips being planned at once, now all completed.
Feeling grateful. Adios!

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