Thursday, 7 May 2015

Chester, Ludlow, Cardiff, Bath, Glastonbury, Widecome and Plymouth.

Chester is a lovely city in England, just near the North Wales border, we had an hour to explore, after visiting the pharmacy.
Chester has a lovely old abbey that is worth visiting, inside the abbey is a gorgeous tapestry, donated by BJ Elvgren a Chesapeake  artist from the USA in 1993.

After visiting the quaint town of Chester we progressed onto Ludlow. This small village was also enjoyable to visit, but again it was raining and with DH feeling poorly we did not venture too far, we shared a ploughman's lunch and a nice cuppa tea. I did manage to buy some nice Victorian prints in a quaint little print shop. We also found a Kath Kidston shop in Chester, nice to have a look.
DH being funny!
Ludlow Castle

We then travelled onto Cardiff, where we will spend the night. We booked into a night out with the tour and went to the Millenium centre so that we may experience some welsh culture. The Millenium centre is situated on Cardiff bay and when we visited it was raining and very strong winds, behind the Millenium centre is the studio where Dr Who is filmed! ,due to the wind and rain DH passed up the chance for a photo opportunity. All was forgiven when DH discovered the silver tower where Torchwood is filmed.
Sceanery below was all made of paper

Welsh singers
Our harpist.

Let me introduce Brian from NZ, who is a wonderful singer and knows all the welsh songs, such a delight to have Brian on our tour and I also discovered he has a daughter that loves to quilt as well.
My welsh meal was Faggots and lamb, you may ask what is a faggot, well apparently it is like a meatball made out of all the sheeps inards.
Next morning we travelled to Plymouth for the night, on the way to Plymouth we stopped in Bath for 2 1/2 hours so I took the opportunity to visit Jane Austins house, which also has tea rooms attached to the house.
Jane Austin's house
Bath is a delightful and historical town.
The bridge has boutique shops across it very similar to Florence.
Unusual features.
In Bath we had tea in the Mad hatters tea shop, how elcletic.
After Bath we ventured onto Glastonbury for lunch, what an interesting town, reminds me of Katoomba
An alternative town, very spiritual.
Glastonbury Abbey, just a shell.
Onward ho to Widecombe a small village of 100 people, lovely stone houses and church.

On arrival into Plymouth, we did not do the river cruise due to hubby feeling poorly, but had a walk around the docks.
Just love this sculpture.
Plymouth docks
This concludes my post, will revisit very soon.

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