Saturday, 1 February 2014

All quite on the western front, down and deep with Lucy.

It has been a few weeks since I last blogged, due to a very determined effort to try and get Lucy together. I am amazed at how long it takes to prepare and sew 1 inch squares together. 15 days later let me share with you what I have achieved.
The 56 blocks on my design board.

My completed 56 squares, after a suggestion from a friend to do the 24 elongated hexagons in a variety of lights, this is what I ended up with. I used a lot of shirting prints and a variety of lights. I am quite excited that after 18 months of sewing the 56 squares, it is now time to put it all together. The challenge of fussy cutting, colour matching and what shirting  being placed on the surrounding square, was part of a wonderful journey that will soon be at an end. This has been a very enjoyable project. 

Four rows together, four more to go! Not much else being sewed at the moment.

Reserve the date!!! Heathton  Creations is bringing to you, a quilt show featuring the ladies who quilt from Windsor Downs, more will be revealed  in coming blogs.


  1. Wow heather it's a massive quilt again!
    Love the flyer for the show. I'll have it on my blog next time I post.

  2. Thanks Chris, but let me email it to you.