Saturday, 11 January 2014

Farewell Hong Kong, time to return to reality.

After our arduous day on Macau, going from the old city to the new city and when dropped off by our minibus driver, to go back to Kwooloon,  we were dropped at the wrong ferry terminal and then had to catch a bus to go to the temporary terminal as the one that usually departs from that terminal was having renovations done? we all felt quite pleased with ourselves at getting to the pier before  the 9.30 pm departure at 8.30 pm, so caught the earlier ferry at 8.30 pm, little did we realise that we had taken the wrong ferry to the Hong Kong side, two trains later, we finally arrived back at the hotel at 1130 pm at night, a very big day was had by all. 
Overlooking Macau from the museum and ruins of St Paul's 
Tourist streets in the old prtuggeous section of Macau
The MGM Grand Hotel
The dome ceiling in the Venetian Hotel
And of course the famous canal, that is a feature in all The Venetian Hotels.

Friday we all ventured out to the Cable Car ride to go up to the top of the mountain to a fishing village and see the large Buddah.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw this sign!!!! Not to be .... Was only a toy store.
The cable car ride.

The gates to the great Buddah at the top of cable car ride.

There were six of these facing the big Buddah.
The kids lighting incense for their new year wish.

The large Buddah and steps leading up to.
After catching the cable car back down we ventured to the Hong Kong shopping area! had Peking goose for lunch before hitting the shops and markets.
After lunch we also visited the Yuen Puen bird market.

After shopping we walked to the Avenue of the stars to see the light show that is on every night at 8 pm, 

This is the only recognisable star for me.
Saturday was our seafood day, we caught the ferry to Lamma Island, when we were in HOng Kong 12 years ago we had fond memories of a seafood lunch consisting of chili crab, so we were all keen to try another dish, we pewee not disappointed, amazing the place is nearly almost the same as 12 years ago.

Our ferry ride and Lamma Island.
The restaurant strip.

So this concludes our Asian adventure, a great time with the family was had by all, Sunday is airport day and return home early Monday morning.

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