Friday, 2 August 2013

Toowoomba Visit

When  I visit Toowoomba, my agenda is to visit a quilt shop or four. In Highfields Village there Is a collection  of shops very close to where my sister lives. In this collection of shops there is the Chocolate Cottage Cafe,  Shoe shop, home living store and of course The patchwork shop called The Quilting Angel. The particular day that I chose to visit was a Tuesday and little did I know that for the last 18 years, this collection of shops in the village has been closed on a Tuesday. I missed having a look at this patchwork shop as it was closed. My sister and I left to drive to Brisbane for the quilt exhibition in South Brisbane early wednesday morning. I still got my  quilt shop fix and visited a few shops, first one was a new fabric store just opened, which had a range of different fabrics as well as patchwork fabric, I managed to buy 3 metres of a light coloured fabric with a dot design, I will use this for my Texas Wheel quilt. The next shop was called Quilt Craft, I bought 1/2 metre of reproduction fabric, also visited the shop in a blue cottage, no money spent in this shop, but a nice shop to visit. On the opposite Side of the road from Highfields village shops is a nice collection of shops and one of the shops called " Precious Time" had a nice collection of fabric, so bought some birdy fabric, great for a border on a bag or a pencil case, will have to see what I will use it for.
Not sure of the name of this shop in Toowoomba.
Shops near Highfields Village in Abbey Lane

The Quilters Angel... Closed.
The Village green shops in Highfields.
Shop where I bought the birdy fabric. Precious Time in  Abbey Lane.
Abbey Lane
The Chocolate  Cottage Cafe
A very nice setup with collectables etc in the gardens of  Abbey Lane, Highfields.
The fabric that I purchased. The Bird fabric also comes in red.

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