Thursday, 15 August 2013

More Lucy Boston blocks

With night duty over, it is now time to move onto more Lucy Boston blocks. In total I have made 45, I was going to stop at 42, but must have got carried away and had more prepared than I thought. So I will continue onto 52 which is how many Lucy made. Then I will have to decide whether to leave it as a coverlet, like the original or do I make it into a quilt. Then onto the decision of hand quilting, all over quilting or custom quilting. The  quilt will be quite large, possibly a king-size after the borders have been added, so quite large to hand quilt and the amount of time it would take as well. I have seen it quilted by hand, all over and custom quilting and have liked all three. Custom quilting is quite expensive and you would not get any change out of $1,000,so with the amount of time and materials already expended would it be worth it and also makes for a very expensive quilt.

This block is one of my favourite, although plain I do love the use of the civil war soldiers, this is fabric that I had left over from my Dear Jane, which I need to put together. 

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