Friday, 12 May 2017

Out and about in the Wild West

 Thursday the 1st June had us jetting off to Denver, Colorado to fulfil, one more wish off our bucket list. On our list was to visit Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National park and Monument Valley in Utah, travelling from South Dakota  to Las Vegas. 

After leaving Sydney and flying to Denver which took 24hrs,  we arrived safely.

Denver has a population of 620,000 in the city and 2.6,000,000 in the greater surrounds, Denver is famously callled the mile high city,  due to its elevation

Downtown Denver is quite colorful with tasteful graffiti on buildings.

Our first day was spent exploring the city, where we availed ourselves of the free mall ride and our first day was spent visiting Union Station and Capitol Hill.

We had a great afternoon exploring and finished off the evening with a great steak meal and then an early night.

The next day we caught a local bus to go out to Santa Fe to visit the art district, where we spent a few leisurely hours viewing art and exploring the shops. 
My first great find and buy, 6 yards for $12, not bad!

After this we went to visit Molly Browns house.
You might ask who is Molly Brown, well a brief history lesson, she was a daughter of an irish immigrant family and married a man that discovered gold, from being poor to wealthy, she was also a suffregett  and is most fmous for being a heroine on the Titanic, known as the unsinkable Molly Brown. She helped rescue many women and children.

Molly Browns house.

This was the end of our exploration of Denver, tomorrow we join the tour and depart for Keystone
On our way to Keystone we stopped at a town called Torrington, and found my first quilt store.
We arrived in Keystone around 4pm and explored the town, we are officially in the Wild West.

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