Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Orchha's Temples and onto Khajuraho- the chandela dynasty.

Orchha was once the capital of the Bundelas, now just a village, The attraction in Orchha is that the village is set in amongst an impressive complex of well preserved palaces and temples on the banks of the Betwa river.

Sunset over the temples and Betwa river

The palace Jehangir Mahal, parts of the palace has been transformed into a hotel.

We met some interesting characters on our tour
Our hotel

Our room was quite palatial.

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, quite a bit out of town and at this hotel was a preparation for a wedding that was to be held on the Saturday. As we are all aware Indian weddings happens over a few days, sadly only the cocktail party was on this Friday evening, we did not get too see the wedding as we departed for Khajuraho.

After travelling for about an hour we stopped in a small village to witness how the farmers irrigate their fields, very rudimentary, but very effective.

Travelling southwest on mainly a dirt track with a maniac bus driver creating his own lanes and beeping his horn all for the whole 4 hours of the trip, all 20 on the bus was pleased to arrive at our hotel in Khajuraho.

We arrived into Khajuraho in time for lunch and stayed at the Ramada hotel, after lunch we went into Khajuraho to visit the Hindu and Jain temples which were built during the Chandela dynasty from 950-1050AD. The intricate stone carved temples are famous for their erotic sculptures, although they were built still remains a mystery. In fact the chandelas appear to have forgotten about the temples soon after they were completed and it wasn't until they were rediscovered in 1847 by a British explorer. 
These exquisite masterpieces are now fully appreciated by India and tourists that come to visit.
Some of the erotic carvings on the temples in Khajuraho.

That night we ate at a Swiss restaurants on the roof top.

The next morning was free, until 12 md, then we all departed for the airport for our flight to Varanasi.
This has been the most challenging part of the tour, keeping our weight limit under 15kgs, I am pleased to report that my weight was 13.4kgs.
The Khajuraho airport was quite decorative with what looked like aboriginal art.

Aboriginal art at the airport.

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