Friday, 3 June 2016

Mothers Day and quilting Retreat

On arrival home after holidays, another Mother's Day dawned, the children had arranged for me to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Capitol theatre, an amazing performance, then a week later Cara and I saw Georgie Girl, all about The Seekers, another great show. Jetlag persisted for a couple of weeks, so pleased to have some R &R at home.
So pleased to be home and enjoy this little charmer, my grandson Logan
I made a recipe folder for my son's partner, Sarah for her first Mother's Day with enclosed family recipes.

Time to get back into my 365 challenge, being 6 weeks behind, need to catch up.
Half way through the year and finishing off three quilts.
I am calling this one "Blooms"
"Frida" which I have hand quilted using pearl thread and I loved doing this, this quilt is not as large as I usually make them, so easy to mange.
We all had fun at the our quilting retreat in Ferndale, I felt very decandent eat, sleep and quilt, very impressed with two older ladies and the quilting they do.
Isobel Lancaster and Alma, gorgeous souls and great quilters.

A big thank you to Lynne Alchin, a great person and teacher, who we all had the pleasure to have her  company on our retreat.

Ferndale a great spot for a quite getaway. I commenced this post a few months ago, but forgot to post, have been very busy with life, so will post very soon, what I have been up to, until next time.

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