Thursday, 4 February 2016

A fresh New Year 2016, 365 block Challenge.

New Year's Eve was spent with my children, after I finished work, we had woodfired pizzas, a game of cards and an early night, to return to work on New Years Day, Happy new year people. 2016 is proving to be a busy year.
Wood fired homemade pizza's from Alex's oven
My contribution, NYE pav.

Where has the time gone?, I have started the year off by accepting a challenge sent to me by a FB friend, the challenge is to do a 3inch block every day for a year. What an amazing idea and I could not wait to commence making the blocks. I might add, the blocks started off being easy, but as we progress into the challenge, the blocks are becoming a little more challenging, hence the name of the challenge.
First of many, just love the birthday cake block.
My first completed week.

After 3 weeks all my blocks completed.
4th week

Tiny capital "T"s this little block, lots of pieces and the first real challenge.
More blocks completed. 
In between blocking, I have this gorgeous little bundle to look after. Logan.
My new year diary cover, completed.
My quilting cabin, all painted and ready to move in.
The floor laid, by my gorgeous son Alex, and wonderful daughter in law, Cara and DH.
Shelving by DH, a wonderful idea, so Lucky.
Work is progressing on my version of Lorena Uriate "opal essence" quilt, I will be calling it "Tumbles", so will refer to this quilt asTumbles 
All coming together nicely, just love the 3D effect.

Finish of with week 7 completed, 365 challenge.
Very busy, getting ready for our three day comedy cruise with the family and only 5 weeks before holidays, yippee!

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